10 Best Baby Nursery Dressers of 2024: Reviews

As parents expecting a new member in the family in the form of a baby, you keep preparing so much.

You keep buying stuff to furnish your baby room, and one thing you don’t want to leave out is the baby nursery dresser.

While choosing a nursery dresser, you don’t want anything but the best nursery dressers.

Caring for the baby, both as a newborn and a fully grown one is your sole responsibility which you do not want to jeopardise.

The best dresser for nursery will give you an easy time arranging the toddler’s toys and clothes in drawers.

As a mother, you want to neatly organise your child’s stuff, keeping everything in the proper perspective.

That is what the best baby dresser does for you. It comes with spacious drawers to put those adorable clothes, blankets, covers, diapers, and any other thing you might want to include.

Are you worried about your baby growing in size and not fitting in the dresser?

Stop it; our best dressers for the baby nursery are designed in a versatile and durable manner, such that as the baby grows, you can add a tray to the dresser and change him.

You will not have to spend anything extra on a baby dresser once you pick out some of the best dressers offered in the market.

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and that explains why when it comes to the best dressers to use as changing tables, you don’t want to take chances but give your child the best there can be.

Please keep reading now.


Top 10 Best Baby Nursery Dressers 2024



Factors to Consider While Buying Best Baby Nursery Dresser

Make your quest for the best dresser successful by paying keen attention to the following factors while sourcing your baby’s nursery dresser:

  1. Nice Design

Ensure that you get your baby a dresser with a good design. While you want something that can accommodate everything your baby has, you don’t want to compromise on the design.

Give your child the best- even when it comes to designs. Babies are known to enjoy good designs; yours is no exception.

The colour combination must be welcoming and not dull. If possible, get a nursery dresser that has unique drawings.

Not sophisticated, but something that will impress you and your baby. The sleigh designs used in some of the dressers bring a sense of elegance to the nursery while still offering a practical function.


  1. Sturdy and Durable

The furniture you get for your baby room must fit within your budget. This means that the baby dresser you get for your child must be sturdy and durable.

As a parent, you want to spend on such furniture once and for all.

That explains why you can do your best to get a Solid Wood Baby Dresser when you source a baby dresser, such as sturdy and durable.

As your child grows, the nursery dresser remains helpful.

Growth comes with an increase in weight, and a substantial baby dresser takes care of that. You will use it for changing the baby, however big he or she may be.


  1. Storage Space

The best dresser for the nursery should have enough storage space.

It should accommodate all that you have for your baby – toys, burp rags, clothes, covers, and any other thing.

Remember, as your child grows, the needs increase. Whatever the baby needs, from apparels to toys, to blankets also increase.

At the same time, you need to keep everything neat and in place.

That’s what a spacious nursery dresser will do for you; it’s so spacious that it can handle all the baby’s belongings.

Some dressers come in six drawers which offer a great deal of space for story baby stuff.


  1. Portable

Pay attention to the nursery dresser’s portability and get it right.

Situations change, and you never can tell when you need to vacate your current residential areas and move to another.

During such times, it’s only a portable dresser that will give you an easy time moving.

That explains why the best baby dresser changing table you choose to buy must be a portable one.

Sometimes you might have to move your baby to the net room within the house, and even during such times, your easy-to-move baby dresser won’t give you a rough time.

Handles should be appropriately placed to make this movement process easy.



Top 10 Best Baby Nursery Dressers 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Baby Nursery Dressers Reviews

Are you expecting a new member of the family in the form of a baby?

If so, then a nursery dresser that furniture you don’t want to leave out.

Today, there are so many companies trading in nursery dressers, and that poses a challenge. Everyone praises his product, saying how good it is.

Remember, though, all that glitters is not gold. Don’t buy some of these products which may not be worthwhile at the end of the day.

This review section has some ten companies that sell baby dressers that are worth spending on.


#1. Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Best Baby Dresser



Suppose you plan to source a nursery dresser to furnish your child’s room.

In that case, Stor0kcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser is one of the most excellent dressers you can consider.

The white dresser comes in a lovely colour, something that you and your child will appreciate as she grows up.

The universal dresser is made of durable steel (rails) and high-quality wood & composites.

The combination of steel and wood makes the Storkcraft dresser an excellent choice for you. It will serve you for the longest time through your child-raising years.

The Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser measures 17.5 x 50 x 40.5 inches, making it ideal for your baby room.

All your baby’s clothes, socks, onesies, burp rags & diapers will all fit in this universal dresser.

The spacious Avalon dresser is divided into six spacious drawers, which you can use to store all your toddler’s belongings.

When the drawers are fully utilised, the baby’s room remains neat all day long.

Its magnificent sleigh design makes the room elegant; what your baby and yourself need.

The Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser results from practical function and a sleek design perfect coining.


The Pros

  • Elegantly designed.
  • Spacious with the six drawers.
  • Durable.

The Cons

  • Colour limitations to four.
  • Not approved to meet safety standards.



#2. Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Best baby Nursery Dresser



The Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser is a sturdy and robust nursery dresser.

It is constructed from wood, making it solid and durable.

This baby dresser comes partitioned into six spacious drawers, making it the ideal choice of the dresser to put all your baby stuff.

It doesn’t matter how many toys, clothes, diapers, burp rags, pair of socks, or blankets your baby has; the Delta dresser accommodates them all.

The drawers have metal guides, making it possible to use the dresser for years.

You don’t have to worry about the metal guides’ safety; they are fitted with safety stops that make them safe.

The white nursery dresser measures 47.5 x 19 x 33.5 inches, and this is just an excellent size to store your baby stuff.

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser has been designed and tested to meet ASTM-furniture safety standards: guaranteeing your baby more safety.

The ASTM safety standards include lead safety certification, and the Haven 6 Drawer dresser is certified for this.

Alongside other Haven furniture, the Haven dresser makes your baby room beautiful.


The Pros

  • Safety-approved for ASTM standards.
  • Excellent storage space through the six drawers.
  • Sturdy wooden construction.
  • Durable.

The Cons

  • Needs assemblage upon purchase.
  • Not so elegant.
  • The metal guides may fall off with time.



#3. Carter’s by DaVinci Colby 6-Drawer Dresser

Carters by DaVinci Colby 6 Drawer Best Baby Nursery Dresser



DaVinci Colby 6-Drawer Dresser’s Carter’s is another perfect dresser choice for parents seeking to purchase their baby a dresser.

It has six spacious drawers which will accommodate all your baby’s belongings.

Growth is not a hindrance; even as the baby grows and has more stuff to be kept in the drawer, the spacious drawers will do that.

The drawers have been fitted with additional blocks to make the six-drawer dresser sturdier and long-lasting.

This Carter’s dresser measures 51 x 18.11 x 34 inches and weighs 108 pounds.

It is light enough to be moved to the next room or house whenever need be.

Its versatile design makes it the best; when your baby is tiny, you can use it as a changing station.

When the kid grows big, you can use it as a dresser by adding a DaVinci changing tray (#M0619).

The smooth, pre-installed euro glides make it easy for you to open and move the drawers with your hands still holding the baby.

This dresser’s sturdy design is made possible through solid sustainable New Zealand pinewood and TSCA-compliant engineered wood.

This dresser guarantees your baby extra safety through its non-toxic multi-step painting process, stop mechanism, and anti-tip kit.

The Pros

  • Safe.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Spacious storage space.

The Cons

  • Design not so appealing.



#4. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Best Baby Nursery Dresser



The Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser is a beautiful dresser choice parents can consider for their baby room.

Cleaning the drawer will be hassle-free; the clean is made easy-to-clean.

The 51.75 x 12.5 x 25 inches measurements make this dresser one of the best yet cheap nursery dressers available in the market.

Its 109 pounds weight makes it easy to move the dresser around from one room to another or from one residential area to the other.

If you opt for the Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety; it’s guaranteed.

The dresser is tested and certified to meet and exceed the government and ASTM safety standards.

Are you concerned about the colour, because grey isn’t your best choice?

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser got you covered!

There are several colour options you can still find appealing, and these include White, Espresso Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Black or Black Cherry Espresso.

Make your child’s room beautiful by pairing this dresser with other Delta Children items in the same finish.


The Pros

  • Spacious storage space.
  • Easy-to-clean surface.
  • ASTM safety standards approved.
  • Wooden for durability.

The Cons

  • The composite wood may fall off with time.
  • Assemblage needed.



#5. DaVinci Kalani 3-Drawer Dresser

DaVinci Kalani 3- Best baby Drawer Dresser



If you wish to get nursery dressers for cheap, why not give the DaVinci Kalani 3-Drawer Dresser a try?

This white, three-drawer dresser weighs 64pounds, making it one of the lightest dressers available in the market.

This weight allows portability, easing the movement of this drawer. The DaVinci Kalani 3-Drawer Dresser has a versatile design.

This will enable you to use it as a changing station now when the baby is still tiny and a dresser later when the baby has grown in size.

The 35.5 x 21.5 x 33.75 inches measurements make the dresser a good choice for your fast-growing baby.

Opening the drawers is easy with the smooth pre-installed euro glides fitted on the drawers.

This is the best dresser for your baby owing to the solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood and TSCA compliant engineered wood used in the dresser’s design.

The non-toxic multi-step painting process, the stop mechanism, and the anti-tip kit help keep toxic materials such as lead and phthalate at bay while using this dresser.


The Pros

  • Easily portable.
  • Versatile design.
  • Compliant with safety standards.
  • Durable.

The Cons

  • The three drawers may not be spacious enough.
  • The metal glides may eventually fall off.



#6. Seseno 7 Drawers Dresser

Seseno 7 Drawers Best Baby Nursery Dresser



If you are sourcing for the best baby dressers under $100, then the Seseno 7 Drawers dresser would be a good match for you.

For $70.99, you carry home this treasure. The seven-drawer dresser measures 25 x 11.8 x 28.75 inches, making it the ideal choice for a baby dresser.

Better off, the dresser’s seven drawers makes it an incredible fabric storage organiser for closets, bedrooms, playrooms, and more.

That applies if your baby grows big and you no longer need to use it in the baby’s room. Its design is excellent; it has a sturdy steel frame, a wooden top, and a smooth finish.

The soft fabric drawers are pleasing to hold and operate with the easy pull-out fabric handles.

So far, this is one of the few nursery dressers whose height you can tailor to your needs owing to its adjustable-height feet.

The plastic feet offer additional protection to the floor; they prevent the dresser from wobbling hence not damaging the floor.

The Seseno 7 Drawers Dresser comes in two colours; either black or charcoal. If black is not your colour of choice, you can opt for charcoal.


The Pros

  • Easy pull-out handles.
  • Multiple usage; office, bedroom, baby dresser, or hallway.
  • Adjustable plastic feet.
  • Nice design.

The Cons

  • Material may not last long.
  • It May not be helpful for a fast-growing baby.



#7. StorkCraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

StorkCraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Best Baby Nursery Dresser



The StorkCraft 6 Drawer Universal Dresser is a dresser you don’t want to miss out on if you are planning to buy nursery dressers and changers.

This is a beautifully-designed dresser to make your baby room elegant. The dresser can be used either in the nursery or in the baby’s bedroom; the choice is yours.

Seeing it, you would agree that it is a perfect combination of elegant design and practical function.

Do you have any Storkcraft crib, glider, or change table in the baby’s room?

Then the Kenton 6 Drawer Dresser is the exact dresser you need to coordinate your style.

The six spacious drawers are all you need. You will neatly organise and store all your baby’s stuff, including clothes, toys, socks, onesies, or even burp rags and diapers.

The dresser that measures 50 x 18 x 32.4 inches will help you keep your baby room as neat as you’ve always wanted it to be.

Irrespective of the décor you have in your room, the Kenton dresser is the seamless fit for it.

The StorkCraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser is the perfect bedroom solution for your baby’s room.


The Pros

  • Stylish, sleek design that appeals to the eye.
  • Six spacious drawers for storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Wide colour variety to choose from.

The Cons

  • Not very sturdy.
  • Not approved to have met safety standards.
  • Design overemphasised at the expense of durability.



#8. Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser

Kamiler 7-Drawer Best Baby Dresser



You definitely love your child, but you could be struggling to find something that fits within your budget.

If that’s the case, you can opt for Kamiler’s for good quality dressers for cheap.

The Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser is a white light dresser, weighing only 23.15pounds.

Its seven dressers come in three different sizes that allow you to sort items by type and purpose.

This multi-functional dresser has foldable drawers, making the dresser quite portable and easy to carry around whenever need be.

The items storable in the living room, playrooms, nurseries, entryways, closets, and bedrooms can all be stored here.

Suppose you want to change your room or apartment.

The Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser will give you the easiest time moving it conveniently, owing to its lightweight.

This 31.5 x 11.4 x 30.9 inches dresser has wooden handles on the drawers that make it easy to open and close them.

Its design includes an antirust metal frame & solid MDF board on top for added sturdiness and durability.

The dresser is water-proof; you can wipe it with dump clothe without fearing for its damage.

If you choose the Kamiler’s dresser; your child’s safety is guaranteed.

Synthetic fabric, non-toxic material that’s safe for children, is what makes up the dresser.


The Pros

  • Easily portable.
  • Light.
  • Foldable.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

The Cons

  • Material may not last long as said
  • Not certified to have met the safety and ASTM standards



#9. SONGMICS 4-Tier Storage Dresser 

SONGMICS 4-Tier Storage Best Baby Nursery Dresser



Are you trying to sources baby dressers under $100?

The SONGMICS 4-Tier Storage Dresser is one of such dressers you may want to consider.

The 31.5 x 11.8 x 32.1 inches dresser comes in two colours; light grey and white, and you can choose any of these.

If you have difficulty arranging the room and having things messed up everywhere, then this is the game-changer for you.

It has eight spacious drawers that will give you the best storage experience.

The metal and fabric used in making this drawer have been perfectly matched in a mutualistic manner for the drawers’ strength.

The metal frame offers stable support for fabric boxes, and the fabric element, in turn, adds a soft and warm touch to the metal-framed dresser drawer.

The dresser is multi-functional; you can use it as a cabinet to home workout gear, in the nursery to store baby stuff, or in the entryway to save space.

More so, its anti-tip strap and the rounded corners make it safe for naughty children and young ones who may want to arrange clothes.


The Pros

  • Eight spacious drawers offer excellent storage.
  • Elegant design.
  • A good combination of metal and fabric.
  • Easily portable.

The Cons

  • The material may not last long.



#10. Sorbus 8 Drawer Dresser

Sorbus 8 Drawer Best Baby Dresser for Nursery



Suppose you want something to store kid clothes, linens, blankets, accessories, toys, plushies, knitting supplies, and household clutter.

In that case, the Sorbus 8 Drawer Dresser is an ideal option for you.

The 34 x 11.5 x 36 inches dresser has eight spacious drawers for keeping anything you wish to keep.

The design is a unique one; purple colour, white finish, wooden top, steel frame, and fabric drawers.

The Sorbus dresser fits multiple rooms; nursery, closet, playroom, tween, bedroom, guest room, teens, hallway, or a college dorm.

When you decide to shift room or relocate, you can easily fold the drawers for easy movement.

The dresser has lightweight, making it more portable. Upon purchase, there are clear instructions on how to assemble the parts.

A variety of colours are available from which you can choose- teal, peach, yellow, aqua, pink, or purple.


The Pros

  • Eight spacious drawers.
  • Easily moveable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Multiple colour choices.
  • Durable.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Safe for children.

The Cons

  • Assemblage required after purchase.



The Bottom Line

As a parent, you want the best for your child. As you plan for the furniture with which you will furnish the baby’s room, you don’t want to forget a baby dresser in the list.

Baby dressers are essential when you want to store baby stuff like diapers, clothes, toys, burp rugs, blankets, and covers.

Additionally, baby dressers can be used as a changing station when they are placed in the tray.

As you try to source a dresser for your baby or for the nursery, never disregard factors like a mice design, portability, storage space, and durability of the dresser.

You want something that is elegantly-designed, portable, spacious, and durable.

Things might just change, and you have to change your baby’s room or relocate. Such times are tricky, and a baby dresser should give you the easiest time.

A dresser with multiple drawers of different sizes allows you to easily group your items by type and store them.

Although the need may be dire, remember that the market is full of dresser deals, and everyone is praising its product.

Such a situation predisposes you to be conning. That’s why this article reviewed some ten dressers from different companies that may fall within your budget.

From the article, you can find the best dressers to use as changing tables and 6-drawer dressers under $200.