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Family Smart Guide was created to help the motherhood community and organize their lives being a working mom. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch information, solutions, support and advice for new moms, breastfeeding and pregnancy tips, and living a healthy life. This is for you moms who want to be the best mom and who are working to provide for their families, this is the right place for you!

Board of Advisors

    Nicole Arzt

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Nicole Arzt is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with nearly a decade of experience treating issues related to anxiety and mood disorders, parenting and family dynamics, complex trauma, and substance use disorders. A professional content writer, she has authored hundreds of scholarly articles for mental health professionals, treatment facilities, and nonprofit organizations. Check out her website at souloftherapy.com



Our Mission

As a Parent Having a baby is a joyful experience, it is also one that comes with anxiety and a lot of concerns. Our mission is to help and making parents & baby’s lives more comfortable and give solutions to everyday parenting problems and thoughtful advice for the new moms, who struggles to take care of their babies.


What You Will Find on Family Smart Guide:

Pregnancy Tips:

Congrats, you’re pregnant. Pregnancy experiencing for the first time can be overwhelming no matter how prepared you think when you are having a baby. As a mom, those early days of pregnancy are tough. To make sure your pregnancy is going well, we will guide you to learn what you need to do during pregnancy and how to take good care of yourself and your baby using these simple steps.

Parenting Tips:  

As a parent, there will be a lot of unexpected circumstances, and situations come in your way that you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Here, we’ll talk about the ultimate parenting guide and how to help your child grow and our advice for parents that’ll get through this huge transition time in parental life.

Breastfeeding Tips:

Breastfeeding is not that easy as you think! As a first-time mom, you need to confident and aware of what breastfeeding means. Breastfeeding your baby is one of your first nurturing acts as a new mother. Our helpful tips and solutions will help you to make breastfeeding easy and pleasant for you.

Baby Care Tips:

Becoming a parent for first-time it means stepping into a new world. Caring for a newborn is challenging and exhausting. However, it is also one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. As a first-time mom, many parents don’t know about baby care and are panicking about how to take care of the newborn baby. Our baby care tips will make your parenting life easier for you, and you’ll spend more enjoying time with your baby without worrying.

Product Reviews:

Family Smart Guide gives guardians the most exact, completely looked into, and extensive review about child items, so the absolute first item you purchase is only the absolute best. After taking ideas from our reviews, you’ll have no uncertainty as to precisely what item would work best for your child and you. You can rely upon in Family Smart Guide expert recommendations.


Meet Our Team:

Rakibul Niloy (Founder, Senior Editor)

My goal is to help new parents to learn and take care of their babies. I mainly focus on educating and empowering women to be the best moms they can be and encourage them through this journey like Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Babies.


Rachel Green (Author)

Rachel green is a mother, one little girl, and a boy and has experience working with children and babies for years. She especially loves working with both parents and newborns with great passion. She also enjoys working to help new moms and dads settle in with their precious newborn and use her knowledge to help put new parents’ minds at ease.


Nabil Sipu (Marketing Manager)

 Nabil Sipu is the lead marketing manager of the Family Smart Guide. He has 2-3 years of equivalent digital marketing experience. He has excellent communication skills and a willingness to get hands-on objectives into strategies and plans.


Tanvir Dipu (Social Media Manager)

Tanvir Dipu is the Social & Digital Marketing Manager of Family Smart Guide. He has 2-4 years of experience in Develop and executes digital marketing. His Measure performance social and email plans to support brand strategies and other elements of the brand’s marketing plan guidance to units undertaking the project.


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