Best Baby Bath Mats of 2024: Top 10 Reviews

The best moments to have candid conversations with your baby is during bath time. Bath time should be enjoyable, and the baby should always look forward to it. The best baby bath mats allow to keeping your child safe and comfortable during bath time.

So, it should be a topmost priority for every mother to get quality mats tailored to their child’s size.


Top 10 Best Baby Bath Mats of 2024



Before you start knowing about their features, pros, and cons you must know some relevant topics that help you make a proper purchase decision on the baby mats. Let’s jump on them first: 



Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Baby Bathtub Mat


  • Comfort:

It would be best if it is soothing since children’s skin is sensitive and tender. A mat that causes scratches to the child should be avoided.

Generally, a mat should be smooth for comfort but not to the extend of causing slip-offs.


  • Non-Slip:

It should grip the back of the child and offer a little bit of support. Besides, the soap often makes the basin slippery, limiting the bonding time due to the constant readjusting of the baby to prevent it from falling.


  • Machine Washable:

The material used is supposed to be machine washable and durable. It should be able to withstand the effects of friction in the machine and not tear off.


  • Water Circulation and Drainage:

The bath mat should be waterproof to ensure water circulation and drainage capability is on point.


  • Suction Strength:

The suction holes should grip tight enough to support the weight of the baby. A mat that does not grip well is prone to sliding, and this can hurt the child.

It is good to have a thick bath mat that will support the baby’s back and maintain a good posture.



The Significance of Having A Baby Bathtub Mat 


A baby mat will make the baby comfortable while taking a shower. It will be easy to bond effectively because your total concentration will be on them.

Designing a mat to fit their size will prevent them from feeling uncomfortable. Some of the main importance of having a quality mat include:


  • Provision of Support                                

The best baby bath mat will offer support because of the slippery feeling caused by soaps. It would be best if the length of the mat fits the child’s height.

The child is bound to turn in the water and fall if the mat is smaller than their stature.

Be careful while using the mat and don’t leave the baby alone because they are laying on a mat.

They might slip, causing an accident in case the suction capability of the mat is not reliable.


  • They Prevent Slip-Ups

Because of their gripping power, the mat offers support and prevents the slip-ups that could have occurred in case there was no mat.

A little bit of friction is required, and it should be rough and tender at the same time. The primary function is to provide grip with the basin or bathing surface so that a few accidents are avoided.

It’s recommended that you choose the best anti-slip bath mat for baby to make work easier when bonding with them in the tub.



Top 10 Best Bath Mats 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Mats Pinterest

People gave reviews regarding the best mats, and in the process, they stated their advantages and disadvantages. They include:


#1. Gorilla Grip Bath Shower Tub Mat

Gorilla Grip Bath Shower Tub best baby Mat



This is one of the best tub mats for babies. It is used to provide a grip during bathing. The great feature in the material makes it preferable to most first time mothers.

For instance, it doesn’t require a lot of labor. A machine can easily clean it, and the durability is high because of the great texture.

The possession of the holes provides a proper drainage system preventing the extra soaking.  They come in larger sizes, unlike most mats that cannot fit every child’s height and width.

One of the exemplary feature, it possesses is the anti-bacterial ability to prevent any infection to the toddler with sensitive skin.

The texture in the mats is not irritable to the baby and can create a boundary between the surface of the tab and their skin.

It’s designed with different specifications in width and length, and you can conveniently choose the one suitable for your toddler.

You can order one from amazon that provides free shipping and packaging to the respective destinations.


                                          The Pros                                           

  • They are made of quality and durable material.
  • Gorilla grip mats offer stable support due to the 324 suction holes they possess.
  • They are cheaper compared to other expensive mats and serve their purposes effectively.
  • The bathing soaps do not make the surfaces slick, preventing any possible slip-ups.


The Cons

  • They are applicable only on the bathing tabs discriminating against other washing pieces of equipment like a basin.
  • The tab has to be smooth for the suction holes to grip. Otherwise, they will be lost, and the baby is prone to falling.
  • It forms mildew when you fail to dry, making it poisonous for the baby even though they claim it to be a non-toxic bath mat for baby.




#2. Yimobra Mickey Mouse Decorative Bath Mat

Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower best baby Mat



These are the best bath mat for toddlers because they are placed on the bathroom’s floor. They can be ordered online through the Amazon website.

They are designed with a length of approximately sixteen and a width of forty inches. They are safe due to the suction holes that grip the bathroom surfaces, preventing slip-ups caused by soaps.

These mats are made up of durable white material, bringing the cleaner look on the floor. They occupy the whole surface due to their large sizes.

Yimobras are easy to wash because all you need is to put it in a machine and allow it to dry within a short period. They have low friction that will prevent the feet from getting sores.


The Pros

  • It prevents any possible slip-ups due to the firm grip and a rougher texture compared to other mats.
  • It does not soak because of the better drainage system it offers while bathing and the many holes.
  • The mats don’t get dirty quickly and can go for an extended period without additional costs of frequently washing it.
  • It’s cheap because it’s made up of just rubber, which is less costly than others.
  • It’s used by both kids and adults, making it appropriate for the whole household.


The Cons

  • Too much soap on the surface can cause slippery and hence an accident.
  • The surface for gripping by the suction holes has to be rough, or else it won’t stick.
  • It does not apply to tiles or cement floors, which are found in most households.
  • Some dirt can form beneath the surface of the mat, making it hard to have a spotless bathroom.




#3. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat            

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath best baby Mat



This is a rubber bath mat often used to prevent young ones form sliding in a bathtub.

It is somehow rough in texture, and the surface grips the baby, avoiding any form of slipping.

Just as the name suggests, it is beautiful in its design with exciting features that help to bring a friendly tone to the baby.

It can be bought from Amazon by ordering online through their website at a reasonable price. The length of the mat is appropriate for the baby because it will fit them perfectly.

The dimensions are 30.5 in length and 14.25 in width by inches, making it suitable for big and tall babies.

The rubber material used is excellent because it can last for a more extended period without being tone.

The elastic quality helps to expand as the baby grows each day and can accommodate their increment. The sites that sell it, offer a close to three years’ warranty to new and regular buyers.

The overall feeling of comfort to the child makes it the most appropriate for newborns because it will be tender to the skin.


The Pros  

  • It has the best safety measures because of the suction holes that grip tight to the tub or the bathing medium.
  • They are colored in candy colors, making it easy for young ones to be drawn to bathing due to the new mat.
  • It’s beautiful to take pictures of your baby. It is possible to post on social media platforms due to the attractive appearance.
  • They are cheap, and every new mother can be assured of quality service for an extended period.
  • The mat can be used as a decorative feature for the bathroom producing an appealing appearance.


The Cons

  • When the button slips off, the lower surface can form mold making the whole place dirty and toxic for a young child.
  • The mats are more significant in the sites but smaller when purchased, making it difficult to believe the authenticity of the whole buying experience.
  • Dirt can easily stick on the rubber mat’s surface, making it look ugly and hard to erase.
  • The surface has to be super smooth for the mat to stick, making it difficult for those that have the rougher ones because it’s a baby bath mat for a textured tub.




#4. Disney Mickey Mouse Decorative Bath Mat

Disney Mickey Mouse Summer Bath best baby Mat



This is one of the best tub mat for young and small babies. It lovely, and the cartoon drawings can easily lure the child with a phobia for bathing.

Importantly, it is made up of polyvinyl chloride that prevents any form of slippery. The suction cups hold it tight to the surface of the tub, preventing any deviation from the position the baby is placed.

Disney Mickey Mouse decorative bath mat is very comfortable and soothing to the skin, avoiding the possibility of rash formation.

They hold the baby tight, making it easy to multitask while washing them. They have a long durability, and the cleaning mode doesn’t have to be the use of a machine.

You can easily clean by just scrubbing the surface, and the results will be amazing.


The Pros   

  • The size is appropriate for young people, and there are varieties suitable for different toddlers.
  • The colors are attractive and can be used as a decorative element in the child’s bathroom.
  • Their plastic materials make them cheaper compared to the rubber ones.
  • The material is soft on the child’s bottom and can be folded after use.
  • You can easily control the growth of mold beneath the surface of the mat by wiping after every usage.


The Cons

  • Very slippery in case the surface has soap making it dangerous to live your young ones in the tub because they are prone to get hurt.
  • The holes on the surface make it uncomfortable for the delicate skin of the newborn.
  • It can only stick on smooth surfaces, making it unsuitable for people with rougher tubs.
  • The size is not suitable for the regular tabs because it leaves surfaces uncovered.




#5. Hallo Soft Infant Bath Sponge Skid-Proof Baby Bath Mats

HALLO Soft Infant Bath Sponge Skid Proof best Baby Bath Mat



These are the most non-toxic bath mat for babies that are only days old and prone to infections. They are appropriate for the young ones because they prevent the possibility of odor.

They are made up of a thick sponge material that brings comfort to the baby.

Newborn babies usually have a weak neck and back, but this bath mat provides the best support to make the child feel stronger.

The mats offer high safety because of their substantial feature, which provides extra grip to the tub’s surface.

The baby cannot slip because of the firmness provided by the sponge material, and this makes it easy to multitask while holding the brushes and soaps because the baby is firmly attached.

They are easy to clean and dry because of the fluffy material, which prevents any form of mold growth. It has compartments to hold the materials used in washing the baby.


The Pros   

  • Due to its sponge-like feeling, it can be squeezed and store for traveling purposes because it will not take up a lot of space in packaging.
  • The quality is high and can last a more extended period than the ones made up of plastic material.
  • The money spent is worthy of everything because of the excellent service it offers.
  • You can place it on any surface and wash the child because it soothes the skin.
  • Its size is convenient for every bathing surface.
  • It has an excellent drainage system that does not soak, making the utilization of water maximized.


The Cons

  • It can form stains once left without being drained, reducing its efficiency, which increases mold growth.
  • It involves using because you have to rinse the soap form before it soaks continually.
  • It might be thick but gets thinner over a short period.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other bath mats.



If you are interested on knowing about essential baby product reviews you can check out our review page here.



#6. Boon Baby Bath Mat

Boon best baby bath Mat



This a bathing tab made up of rubber, hence durable. It has stable features like suction holes that increase the gripping capability.

The surface is smooth to bring comfort on the baby’s skin but tough enough to prevent any slip-ups when soap pours on it.

The drainage system is efficient, avoiding the possibility of mold growth. You can comfortably travel with it since it can be folded.

It’s appropriate for toddlers above the weaning stage. The matter doesn’t take much space due to their small sizes. Furthermore, they drain off the water quickly due to the holes they have.


The Pros

  • It is appropriate for a toddler that is learning to sit or crawl.
  • It’s made up of plastic, making it cheap compared to the ones made up of rubber.
  • Suitable for the non-textured surfaces because they grip tightly.
  • It has a considerable size and a decorative look appealing to be used in a bathroom.
  • The internal surface is firmly making it easy for the kids to learn to walk to grip tightly with their fit.


The Cons

  • It is hard and can the child’s delicate skin.
  • It is hard to wash when it stains because it requires heavy scrubbing, unlike other plastic surfaces.
  • Only suitable for the rough surfaces, hence not suitable for those that prefer to have smooth ones.
  • You have to continually pour water on the surface before it sticks.




#7. TIKE Smart Extra-Long Non-Slipping Bathtub Mat             

TIKE SMART Extra Long Non Slip best baby Bathtub Mat



This bath mat is suitable for washing a baby on smooth surfaces without blemishes. It is free from bacterial attacks, unlike other mats.

The mat is easy to wash since you can use a machine, and the material remains durable for a long time.

The mat grips on the surface due to the possession of the suction holes, making it safe for toddlers.

The overall bath mat can quickly drain off the water, preventing the issue of soaking.

The holes are large enough to prevent the dump smell underneath. 

Compared to the other mats, it’s pricy but worth every money spent. Amazon offers discounts and free shipping services on all their properties.

The formation of mildew is minimized by total spill offs outside of the mat. It is certified by the regulatory services for human usage.

There are non-toxic properties because of the possession of chemical compounds.


The Pros

  • It is safe to use on newborns because of the anti-bacterial property.
  • It is made up of phthalate material that is of high quality.
  • The soft layer on top makes it comfortable to use on the child’s delicate skin.


The Cons

  • It can soak with soap making it easy to form mold.
  • It can produce an odor if not properly cleaned.




#8. Salinka Ocean Anti Slip Baby Bath Mat  

Salinka Ocean Anti Slip best Baby Bath Mat



This product meets the United States standard. It is safe to use because of its non-toxic components. It has suction points that prevent possible slip-ups and boost the ability to grip on the surface.

The material is of high quality, and its durability is comfortable for the child’s skin. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride that is easy to wash, unlike other surfaces like rubber.

The varied sizes make it appropriate for every consumer to clean their babies. It can easily be folded due to the smooth texture making it easy for transportation.

The plastic smell that it possesses disappears after a short period. A new Salinka ocean mat should be exposed to the sunlight so that the odor disappears.

Unlike other mats, it will last longer despite its cheap price. The majority of people discuss its ability to smooth the skin, and it gets recommended to most first time mothers.

No extra cost incurred by taking it to the washing machine. All you need is a piece of cloth to wipe off any dirt.


The Pros

  • It is easy to wash because of the plastic material.
  • It’s safe because it minimizes sliding on the surfaces.


The Cons

  • It has an initial plastic smell making it inappropriate to use on a newborn that can get respiratory diseases.
  • It is expensive, yet it’s made up of plastic material.




#9. Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Skip Hop Moby Non Slip best Baby Bath Mat



This bathing mat for infants is sizeable to fit the parent’s specifications. It holds firmly to the surface, preventing any possible slip-ups.

It sticks effectively on smooth surfaces, unlike on rough surfaces preventing unnecessary re-adjustments of the mat.

The mat is suitable for the modern tubs that are designed in high quality. It fits perfectly to the desirable size enabling the baby to turn at convenience.

The structure of the mat is suited for the playful kids since it doesn’t tear easily.

It is certified by the United States regulation to contain non-toxic elements. You don’t have to worry about your baby getting poisoned.

The price is suited for every new mother and its worth every penny spend. The reason that majority of people prefer to use this mat is because of its thickness and the ability to withstand any pressure.

You don’t have to worry about degradation because it is made of a material that can accommodate different weights.


The Pros

  • It’s cheap and durable compared to the rest of the bath mats.
  • Offers maximum support to the infant.
  • It dries quickly by just hanging to drip off any water.


The Cons

  • It’s made up of stiff material, making it hard to readjust on a rough surface.
  • It is small in size and cannot cover up the whole tab.




#10. Infantino 2-in-1 Bath Mat & Storage Basket

Infantino best baby Bath Mat Storage Basket



This is a fantastic mat that allows your baby to enjoy bath time with fun and grippy. It can lay flat and attached with the tub smoothly.

After the end of bath time, you can store baby toy’s inside the mat, and the suction hook allows the mat to hang on the wall.

The mat also offers large drainage holes which is easy to clean and easy to use. If you are highly concerned caring about baby skin, be careful this mat is made of PVC material.

Since it is made of PVC material, it is not machine washable too. Like most other mats, the mat can only grip when the tub has a smooth surface at the bottom.

If your tub is made of non-sticky material or textured material, the mat will not be able to grip on that surface.

The mat is transformed into a basket, and the storage system is best and unique.

However, you must have a smooth shower wall then it can stick, otherwise if bath walls are made of tile, then you will face problems on hooking it.


The Pros

  • Use for Multi-Purposes such as storage.
  • Save a lot of space.
  • Soft material.
  • Large drainage holes.


The Cons

  • Non-machine washable.
  • It will not stick in tile.




The Bottom Line


Having the best bath mat is vital in protecting the baby’s delicate skin. The feature should be worth the price.

This article has highlighted some of the mats and what makes each outstanding compared to the other.

Choose the best mat to create the best experiences during the child bath to get the best bonding time with your toddler.