Best Nursery Night Lights for Babies & Toddlers 2024

For parents, especially with toddlers or newborns, almost no night goes without an activity.

It could be feeding, diaper change, or generally checking on your kid’s welfare during sleep.

Making trips to your baby’s nursery will be a norm, more so in their first year of growth. It’s also difficult for parents to leave their babies in bed at night.

It’s because they fear the darkness. Do you know the solution to that? You need the best baby night light.

The overhead light may be an alternative, but its light intensity is like that of the sun. Thus, not the best choice for your baby’s blurry and delicate eyes.

A nursery night light will not just prevent falls during trips to checking the baby but assure them confidence in the dark.

A low light night light is relevant for adding to the bathrooms, child’s bedroom, and stairwells. The market contains various night light for babies.

They are available in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why you need to know what best nursery night light is for you.

To help make your work easier, we collected the best samples considering the design and features, which provide a more friendly night light for your kids.

This review has reliable content for use when choosing to purchase the best night light for baby. Please keep reading to know more.



Top 10 Best Nursery Night Light for Babies of 2024




Factors to Consider When Buying Best Nursery Night Light for Baby


  • Nice Design

A good nursery night light should have a baby-friendly design and not the type to scare your child at night.

For instance, a night light shaped in animal figures like a cat.

You should buy a night light with a design your child can embrace. Let it give them a mind of using it as a pet.


  • Bright & Colorful

A night light should be bright enough to illuminate your baby’s nursery.

However, it shouldn’t be too bright to destruct your child’s sleep.

Going for an adjustable type to be on the safer side, so you change to the mode desired.

By doing so, you’d ensure there’s some light in the nursery, but not too bright to deny them sleep.

Color choice is also a factor to consider because babies love colored stuff. You should, therefore, look for a multicolored night light to impress them.

Various baby night lights change to almost 18 colors, which are great for relaxing and helping a baby to sleep.


  • Safe & Durable

The good news about most night lights is they serve for around seven to ten years.

That’s more than enough for your baby to need it to sleep well.

But be sure to get deeper into your wallet if high durability is concerned.

About safety, most nursery lights don’t heat up the room like the normal overhead lighting.

Remember to place the night light away from any materials that might heat up and cause a fire or water resulting in an electric shock.


  • Ease Control

The best baby night light that’s easy to control should be touch responsive.

You simply give it a tap at the top, and it works as you instruct.

Another good type is the one monitored by a remote. It could be for switching on, off, or changing its brightness level.



Top 10 Best Nursery Night Light 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Nursery Night Lights for babies Reviews

Are in a position to zero in on all the best baby products for a night of peaceful sleep? That includes the best night lights.

As a parent, you’ll always wish your child to get the best baby products during their early days on earth and even later.

That’s why you should equip yourself with knowledge on how to identify what’s best for them.

When talking about nursery night lights, the market contains various types with every seller praising what they offer for luring you to buy from them.

Please be on the lookout not to be conned. It’s the reason we’ve come up with a list containing ten of the best nursery light nights to make your purchase work easier.

Kindly go through it to beware of the properties, functions, advantages, and disadvantages of each one of them. They include;



#1. VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Light

VAVA Home Best Nursery Night Light



Do you want your kid to sleep well every night? Well, you need the VAVA Home VA-CLOO6 night light.

It’s the best baby night light soother you’ll get in the seller stores. It was nicely designed for smaller babies to use, meaning it’s not the best for toddlers.

It has unique features making it an exemption from the market competition. For instance, despite being touch-sensitive, this night light is entirely operated by touch.

It’s good for enabling your child to interact and familiarize with technology. Its touch sensitivity is highly responsive, hence easy to operate and use.

However, most users said that it needed more time to learn how to utilize the different light functions.

More features include a power button underneath it for adjusting the light- though it’s only between high and low.

Again, it features an SOS mode that might on the bad side, affect a child’s sleep due to the light blinking.

While this light can be switched to either hard white color or cool white, many parents wished for a red light for producing melatonin.

It also has an LED battery that serves for up to 80 hours in low light mode.

Charging is by using the USB, which VAVA advises to charge when not in use to avoid damaging the battery.

Unfortunately, it lacks a timer. This means that it’s mainly useful for kids afraid of sleeping alone in the dark.


The Pros

  • LED light source.
  • Touch controlled lighting.
  • USB rechargeable.


The Cons

  • Lacks a timer.
  • No green or red light.
  • Only low to high light changes.



#2. Lumipets LED Nursery Night Light

Lumipets LED Best Nursery Night Light



Are you looking to get a portable night light for your child? Then, Lumipets LED will give the best choice.

It’s a baby night light that can be used from your child’s bed or crib with convenience. At no point will you find it heated up.

For this reason, the child can safely hold or play with it with no worries. It’s of high quality and comprises a washable non-toxic silicon material.

If your baby loves warm hugs, the Lumipets LED nursery night light is the best option due to its cuddling nature.

Tapping the Lumipets wakes it up. A second tap changes its glow color.

The color change can also be done by a remote controller if you wish to select the baby’s favorite color.

The remote can also change the dimness or brightness level and setting the sleep timer. You’ll love the eight different colors it comes with.

It again contains a rechargeable battery that can serve for more than 30 hours depending on the use. You can carry this product to gift your friend in a baby’s shower or birthday.


The Pros

  • Has a remote control feature.
  • Designed like an owl or teddy bear for cuddling.
  • It’s soothing and squeezable, hence for a baby’s use.
  • Can be played with because it doesn’t heat up.
  • Its lighting calms a hungry baby.


The Cons

  • The charging system isn’t reliable.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work as advertised.




LOHAS Dimmable Best Nursery Night Light



The night light from Lohas is unique for having an automatic on and off sensor chip. The special sensor readily detects light in its background.

This suggests that it turns on in the night and automatically off during the day. No need for manual operation to light it or switch off.

A warning given is you should place it away from other night lights, at least one meter away to prevent interference in its automatic operation.

Adjusting its brightness is simply done via a one slide switch. The brightness level can be set as you wish, either too high or too low when the child is asleep to avoid sleep interference.

The Lohas night light is energy saving. It consumes a maximum of one watt, leading to massive savings in electricity bill expenditure and protects the environment too.

It’s useful in the bedroom, hallway, kid’s room, hallway night light, baby room, toilet and stairway.

It also produces a soft white light providing free illumination that won’t interfere with your child’s eyes to distract their sleep.

This night light is durable and reliable. It offers service for up to 30,000 hours.

Its mini-size design saves space and doesn’t temper with the working of other available devices in the room.

If you need long and reliable service, please go for Lohas dimmable night light.


The Pros

  • Has an automatic sensor-chip for putting it on and off.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Adjustable brightness function.
  • It’s energy saving.


The Cons

  • Lack of a timer function.



#4. Droiee Night light for Kids

Droiee Best Nursery Night light for Kids



Droiee is the best night light for toddler room. For parents wishing to buy a night light creating a safe condition for their children’s play should consider the Droiee night light.

It’s properly designed with the correct brightness level making it a top selection for children to sleep in their bedrooms without company.

The high quality and playful design assure wonderful baby gear to allow a conducive environment for sleep.

It also contains easy-to-use controls that can be operated by the child. Its soft and smooth light serves perfectly for nights- your baby’s sleep can be interrupted.

It features LED bulbs that assure energy efficiency and easy maintenance. It’s also safe and highly durable.

No more worries about possible falls or accidents that you think might damage the light.

In short, if you need a long-lasting and easy to use a night light, please go for Droiee brand.

Children under five years will happily use it even if you let them sleep alone.


The Pros

  • LED bulbs for great energy use.
  • Safe for use and play.
  • High-quality design.
  • Durable.


The Cons

  • No options for brightness adjustment.
  • Lacks a timer.



#5. CIDBEST Baby Night Light

CIDBEST Best Baby Night Light



The CIDBEST baby night light has lighting characteristics making it friendly for a small child.

It doesn’t have an intense light but glows slowly from the middle offering a soft yellow nightlight that encourages your baby to sleep.

It has a control for adjusting the light’s brightness level. Previous buyers realized that when this night light falls, its durability helps withstand the tension, but its lighting switches randomly.

For it to work well again, you’ll have to reset. Another property is a rechargeable battery that can be used for nearly 15 hours before it goes down.

But don’t forget that after some time, the light goes off automatically- three hours. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you went to check on your baby and find it off.

It comprises an LED light bulb at the center with a silicone covering. This makes it remain cool without heating up, thus safe for your baby when in the crib.

It also impressed users who said the silicone top is washable. It can be wiped using a paper towel or soap when necessary.


The Pros

  • Has a rechargeable battery that last for up to 15 hours.
  • Contains an adjustable light setting.
  • Made with an LED battery for efficient energy.
  • Made of a silicone top that’s easy to clean.


The Cons

  • Shuts off after three hours.
  • Lacks a timer.



#6. Tecboss Kids Night Light

Tecboss Kids Best Nursery Night Light



Tecboss is another one of the best nightlight for nursing that you’ll adore.

It’s best recommended for kids aged between two and eight.

It features a chick in an egg design. Its bottom part is made of eggshells enabling the kid to play around with and even flip.

Your child’s safety is assured by the food-grade silicone used to make the night light. In its weakest light settings, the battery can light up to 300 hours.

With proper battery care, be sure to use it with all your children during the ages when they need a night light.

This suggests that you may not have to replace or buy another one any time you get a child.

Many previous users have liked the soft and warm white light that it produces. This lighting type makes it a cool night companion to your child.

It assures a peaceful and sound sleep because of no more dazzling to distract the kid’s eyes.

Additionally, you can control its dimness allowing you to adjust to the desired light amount.

The Tecboss Company makes kids night lights with extremely responsive touch control.

It allows the child using it to easily monitor its working without help.


The Pros

  • Made of food-grade silicone, thus safe for your child.
  • Extremely responsive touch control for easy operation.
  • Produces soft and warm light.
  • Long battery life of up to 300 hours.


The Cons

  • Lacks timing function.



#7. RTSU Baby Night Light

RTSU Best Baby Night Light



If you want an easy to operate night light, the RTSU product is the best choice. It has a smart touch control.

Its full operation is under one touch. For instance, if you want to switch on or off, simply tap the top side.

Suppose you want to make it dim, press slightly on the top. Do the same to adjust to any brightness level to illuminate your baby’s room.

It can be described as the best night light for feeding babies.

It also has a rechargeable battery charged by a universal micro USB cable, therefore, no worries about misplacing or losing your charger.

You’ll forget about replacing dry batteries for it to work.

The charging mode makes it safer as compared to others that charge directly from a power source. The shape is a flat cylinder of compact and lightweight design.

It’s also stable and can’t roll easily. In the darkness, it’s not difficult to trace it due to the concave or touch sensor design.

It best suits nursing mothers, toddlers for the night light, and is suitable in the bedroom, for travel, or for baby’s room.

The light produced is dimmable and can be changed to whichever amount you wish for.

Moreover, you don’t have to keep adjusting every day since it has the ability to remember. It’s a good eye-caring light that won’t disturb your child’s sleep.


The Pros

  • Remembers settings, thus no need of resetting every time.
  • The brightness level can be adjusted.
  • Recharged using a universal USB port.
  • Lightweight but stable.
  • Good for baby nursing.


The Cons

  • Complaints about its customer service.



#8. PAMANO LED Nursery Night Lights    

PAMANO LED Nursery Night Lights for Toddlers



The night light from PAMANO is the best light for nighttime feedings. It’s made of BPA free material and washable silicone that’s safe and durable.

It’s so strong that squeezing or tossing around doesn’t destroy anything.

It comes with soothing lighting that relaxes your child providing a calm glow on the eyes.

It’s actually the best company for your child to sleep soundly.

Of all the battery night lights in the market, this one can be recharged using a USB plugin.

The battery’s life is around 15 hours when in active use. Kids can carry it to whatever events they attend and are forced to spend the night.

The night light goes off automatically after five hours in case you forgot to switch it off.

Pamano LED light may unfortunately not be a good thing if you like it stay on throughout the night. It consists of nine varied colors, which are easily controlled using a remote.

It also has a timer that can be set to shut off after sometime when sure of the possible time your child will sleep.

The remote can also make it dim or turn off. This night light is a great choice to present during a baby shower, birthday, or holiday.

Not only can it be a gift but also a home décor product. As much as it’s a baby gear as described, it can also impress numerous adults.


The Pros

  • Has washable silicone and BPA-free material for safety.
  • It’s USB rechargeable.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Has a soothing light to accompany the baby in bed.
  • It’s a multipurpose product.
  • Has a timer.


The Cons

  • Goes off after some time.



#9. ANGTUO LED Wooden Night Light

ANGTUO LED Wooden Best Nursery Night Light



Among the safe night lights available at the market is the ANGTUO LED wooden baby product. You can also count it as the best night light for child afraid of light.

It gives your child’s room the best look. Don’t worry about spoiling any of their age-specific stuff in that room.

Having an elegant design and unique luminance level, it should be a perfect option for your baby’s room.

It’s constructed with a natural wood at the base and BPA free silicone material ensuring your child’s skin safety.

Besides, the design gives a perfect look in the room to even be used for home décor. It can be used in the living room to improve its appearance.

It’s a durable and reliable night light that can bear with a child’s rough handling interested to know more about it.

This is one of the unique night lights coming with four different brightness levels, thus an excellent option for babies who fear darkness and won’t sleep alone.

Simply set to select the best light option of choice that fits your child.

With all these advanced features, durability, and reliability, why not choose the ANGTUO LED wooden night light for your child’s perfect nights’ sleep.


The Pros

  • Contains LED lights.
  • Has four different light settings.
  • Can be used for home décor at the bedroom and living room.
  • Made of BPA free material and natural wood.


The Cons

  • It doesn’t have a timer.



#10. Asani Baby Night Light

Asani Best Nursery Baby Night Light



The best lighting for nursery is the Asani baby night light. It’s among the cutest night light for babies that’s build to last for long.

Buying it also gives you a great value for money to let your children have an incredible playtime. Did you know that this product is intelligently made for children?

Yes, it has a perfect design that can be loved by almost all children in the world. Other features include easy usability, touch controls, and adorable design for a kid.

Interestingly, even after a child outgrows using the night light, it can act as a playmate.

It’s also a plugin night light composed of LED bulbs.

This makes it energy-efficient and with high durability as it can withstand pressure from kids that love to explore on their items.

The charging system and soft silicon top make this baby gear serve for an extended period without maintenance.

Be sure to get a perfect accessory for serving your child in the nursery with a lot of fun and enjoyment, the Asani baby night light.


The Pros

  • Has touch controls for easy use.
  • Contains energy-efficient LED lights.
  • It’s perfectly durable.
  • Great for play with your child.


The Cons

  • Lacks the recommended red and green colors.
  • No timer.



The Bottom Line

Have you recently moved your child to be sleeping alone in their room?

If so and they have a problem due to fear of darkness, please get a nursery night light to help them get to sleep.

The product is not only safe and helpful to the child but to you as a safety measure when checking up on them.

For instance, you should buy the best night light for feeding baby during sleep time.

It doesn’t have to be an extremely bright night light as it might destruct your baby’s sleep.

If you want a good looking thing, choose one with decorative plug in nightlights to change the room’s appearance. Please be keen on the light settings available.

Recent research shows that blue light tempers with melatonin production that could hinder its working-sleep induction.

You should instead, buy any night light-producing either green or red light. Night lights are beneficial as they’re a great tool to get your kid to sleep.

However, after some time you’ll realize the light inhibits them from sleeping like earlier.

That’s when you should stop using the night light because the grown child would be a stage where darkness is an ingredient for sleep.

Otherwise light may encourage them to stay awake throughout the night playing. We all know how unhealthy that can be.

Please go through the review and try your hands on the above items for choosing the best kids night light as per your preferences and needs.