Round Baby Cribs of 2024: Top 10 Reviews

Caressing a baby includes a lot of love and accessories. One of the essential baby-care items is a baby crib.

We like to describe baby cribs as a tiny hut for infants to crawl and play around in. Additionally, a good thing about the best baby cribs is that they are available in modern designs as well.

These days, parents like to decorate their baby rooms with warm and vibrant colours, not to mention the furniture.

In addition to this, traditional baby cribs are no longer in trend; parents prefer round baby cribs. 

Here, we will enlighten you with a few fantastic round baby crib brands and models. But, first, let us dive into the fundamentals of round baby cribs.


Top 10 Best Round Baby Cribs of 2024





Factors to Consider When Buying a Round Baby Crib


A crib may appear to be an arena for your infant, but it is the safest place for your baby. On the other hand, some parents consider bassinets, bedside sleepers, or a cradle to be the perfect caretakers.

But, when you consider the facts, a crib seems to be the right choice.

If you are a first-time parent looking for round baby cribs but have no idea where to begin, below are some crucial factors to consider.


  • Comfort

As the shape round is already so comfortable that when you combine it with a baby crib, it feels like heaven.

For sure, your kid will sleep effortlessly in a round crib. Additionally, keep the height adjustment feature in mind when buying a round baby crib. That will add more comfort to mobility.


  • Safety Precautions and Certifications

Round baby cribs are circular, which means they do not have sharp corners and edges like traditional cribs.

That is the main advantage of having round baby beds because babies can crawl freely in them without alarming the parents.

Moreover, you must measure the distance between the crib slats; it has to be 2-3 inches.

Furthermore, when buying a circular crib for your baby, make sure the crib is Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association-certified.


  • Ease of Cleaning

Regardless of what brand you go for, you must make sure the crib is easy to maintain.

As you know, modern parents do not have a lot of time to disassemble every component of the crib manually; ease of cleaning matters.

It is best to aim for the type of round cribs that do not have many add-ons because that will increase the cleaning load.

A round crib with slats and a few levels is enough to mark the ease of cleaning.

Round baby bed


  • Quality Materials

The first step to assuring quality production is to check the vendor or brand at your reach. If you are purchasing a crib online, pause for a quick look at the seller rating to determine reliability.

Besides that, make sure your round crib is sturdy enough to withstand all the clumsy baby-moments.

Most of the time, babies like to move around instead of sleep, so a sturdy crib can prevent your baby from getting hurt.


  • Adjustable Crib Bedding

A few round cribs include the advantage of lowering or raising the height of the crib’s mattress. For the safety of your baby, mattress adjustment is essential.

At the beginning of your baby’s life, you can easily place your infant into the crib by raising the mattress height.

When your baby can use his hands, sit, or pull himself up, it is time to lower the mattress height. That way, there will be no risks of falling or climbing out of the crib.



Top 10 Best Round Baby Cribs 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Round Baby Cribs Review

Now, that we know what you should be looking for in a crib, it’s time to start the countdown of the best in field.


#1. Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet



If you need an elegant yet adorable place for your baby to count sheep in, then Badger’s Elegance Round Baby Bassinet is your best pick!

It is a unique bassinet basket that is both comfortable and stylish. Moreover, the bedding set comes with some items, such as a soft bumper, drape canopy, vinyl-covered mattress pad, cute skirt, and a fitted sheet.

This bassinet’s ultimate cuteness is predictable when the two-position canopy shades your baby from the light while he/she snoozes.


Safety and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Round baby bassinet from Badger is exceptionally soft and gentle.

In addition to this, the bassinet has a high boundary ensuring the baby’s safety whenever he/she tries to stand up.

On the other hand, we do not recommend using this round bassinet when your baby can move around or stand up.

Furthermore, the draped canopy creates a night-time, no disturbance environment for your baby to sleep like an angel, surely an incredible round crib for sale.


  • Kindly assemble the bassinet in the exact room where you intend to put it.
  • The bassinet should be joined by an adult, not an amateur.
  • There is a storage shelf beneath the bassinet skirt for you to use it as a baby cabinet. 
  • The included bedding is washable and iron-able. 


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Made with a combination of cotton and polyester.
  • Includes machine washable bedding.
  • The drape canopy efficiently shields the interior of the bassinet where the baby naps.
  • There is a storage compartment under the skirt.
  • The bassinet features smooth and durable caster wheels. 
  • It can carry 20 lbs of weight.
  • The overall weight of bassinet: 36 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 35 × 34 × 12 inches.


Expert Tips
  • As this bassinet offers a broad base, it means the base is sturdy and will not collapse. 
  • The fact that the Badger Round baby bassinet can accommodate 20 lbs is useful because then you can use it for all the early months of your baby.
  • A useful tip is never to use a used bassinet, as they become worn out and old, so they will not provide the required amount of comfort to your baby.


Final Thoughts

The Badger Round Baby bassinet is only suitable for babies between 0-3 months. Still, the levels of security, comfort, and quality are incredible, so there are very few chances of your baby feeling disturbed or unattended while sleeping.


The Pros

  • Spacious and big.
  • Super-comfy.
  • Drape canopy eliminates light and disturbance.
  • Features caster wheels for ease of transportation.

The Cons

  • The included mattress is not durable enough.
  • Only suitable for the early months of your baby.





#2. Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib

Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular round baby Crib



The Dream On Me Sophia Push Circular Crib is one of a kind circle crib available in the baby market.  It features four extendable stands that come in handy when installing the canopy.

With this crib, you can add a dash of elegance and quality to your baby’s play and sleep time. Moreover, the crib has a Victorian style that enhances the appearance of your baby’s room.


Safety and Comfort

The crib is a production of pure wood, plus you can add decorative elements to the crib to make it look more pleasant and baby-like.

Thanks to the circular shape, parents can have a quick look at their baby’s activities to ensure their safety and comfort. Besides that, the Dream On Me circular crib includes a mattress for the crib as well.

Furthermore, there is a railing installation to ensure the safety of your child on a high level.


  • The package comes with all the necessary tools to assemble the crib.
  • The drapery on top of the crib may occur in the way of putting your baby into the crib. So, if it bothers you, remove it.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • The Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib features an extra canopy frame.
  • The crib frame is a construction of quality wood, and it can accommodate any type of canopy.
  • The external railing prevents your baby from tripping over or falling out of the crib.
  • The crib is height adjustable, which means you can adjust the mattress level.
  • It comes in a sequence of gorgeous colors, such as coffee, white, brown, and pink.
  • Crib weight: 92.5 lb.


Expert Tips
  • Do not assemble the crib yourself, get a professional to do it for you.
  • The crib is not transportable, so make sure to join it in the room where you want it to be.
  • You have to purchase a circular mattress separately.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib is a worthy purchase, and it comes with many perks, but its only drawback is the assembling. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest around baby cribs on the market.


The Pros

  • Spacious.
  • Durable.
  • Commendable craftsmanship.

The Cons

  • Difficult to assemble.




#3. LOAOL Baby Crib Bumper

LOAOL round Baby Cribs Bumper



A high-level circular baby crib bumper for the infant stages to childhood, the LOAOL baby crib is a must-have.

One of the best things about this round baby crib is that it reflects softness and creates an adorable environment for your baby.


Safety and Comfort

This baby crib bumper is full of thin PP cotton lining or a soft touch. It is a 4-meter crib bumper that covers every side of a traditional crib.

Additionally, the soft braided bumper prevents your baby’s legs, hands, head from bumping anywhere in the baby crib.


  • We recommend you measure the size of the crib before you purchase it.
  • The bedding is non-toxic, so you do not have to worry about potential allergies.
  • Always assemble the crib where you want it to be.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • For an extra soft touch, the crib bumper includes non-toxic thin PP cotton bedding.
  • There are soft braided foams everywhere around the crib’s boundaries to ensure the comfort and security of your baby.
  • It fits all babies.
  • The LOAOL baby Bumper can also become a sleeping pillow, bedding décor, or back cushion.


Expert Tips
  • Do not dry the bumper in the shade.
  • Do not bleach it.
  • Always purchase from the official seller; LOAOL, otherwise you will not be presented with quality, size, and color options.


Final Thoughts

The LOAOL Bumper crib is a multipurpose crib for all babies. It gives out soft and cuddly vibes, so it is one of the most reliable picks in our reviews.


The Pros

  • Best design.
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Secure.
  • Durable.
  • Looks adorable.
  • Braided bumper.

The Cons

  • Heavy to transport.




#4. Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet

Elite Oval Wooden round Baby Bassinet



The Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet is the best option for parents who prioritize quality, excessive features, security, and comfort.

It is a worthy purchase for over-protective mothers because it enhances the process of taking care of the baby.

Moreover, it includes machine washable bedding for ease of cleaning. In addition to this, the draped canopy perfectly shades your baby so that he/she can sleep in peace.


Safety and Comfort

The soft and smooth bedding offers a comfortable base for your baby to sleep in. The draped canopy adds an element of safety and peaceful snoozes.


  • You can easily clean the bedding as it is machine washable.
  • There is a storage shelf under the skirt for you to store baby items.
  • The bassinet is only useful for the early stages of your baby.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Full bassinet with washable bedding set; padded liner, canopy, skirt, foam pad, and fitted sheet.
  • Storage shelf under the skirt.
  • Features caster wheels.
  • The baby is kept safe and un-disturbed with the 29.5L x 21.5W x 7.5 H drape canopy.
  • Bassinet frame is durable and is made from pure wood, plastic, MDF, and metal.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 53 inches.
  • The manufacturer includes a 30-day warranty.
  • It can accommodate more than 20 lbs of weight.


Expert Tips
  • Get a pro to assemble it, as it has a few technical components.
  • Be gentle with the drapery.
  • Only use this bassinet for the early months of your baby.


Final Thoughts

This oval crib is a beautiful addition to your baby’s room. Consumers love how calm and peaceful it makes their babies, but it is only suitable for the early months.


The Pros

  • Aesthetic crib design.
  • Affordable.
  • Caster wheels.
  • Quality production.
  • Available in warm colors.

The Cons

  • Not so perfect for long-term use.
  • Unreliable bumper.
  • It cannot support heavyweight.




#5. Stokke Sleepi White Adjustable Baby Crib

Stokke Sleepi White Adjustable round Baby Crib



The Stokke Sleepi Adjustable baby crib can be the ideal bed you were looking to buy for your baby. It has a circular bed that looks like a pram.

The crib is oval-shaped, and it can comfortably accommodate a canopy. With the canopy, you can shield your baby from the light and keep him/her cuddly and sleepy.

Other than that, it is a comfortable crib that is easy to transport anywhere in your home.


Safety and Comfort

Thanks to the adjustable height positions, you can confirm the security of your baby. In contrast, you can adjust the height of the mattress according to the growth of your baby – isn’t that great?


  • It is a lightweight crib with caster wheels, which means you can put it anywhere in your home and use it for your baby’s comfort.
  • Prefer to assemble the crib in the room where it will always be.
  • You can shrink the crib into a smaller size for easy usage as well.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Made from beechwood.
  • The crib appears to be a nest for your little one.
  • The adjustable bed height can serve you right for three years.
  • Lockable wheels offer easy transportation from one place to another.
  • The crib features safe and sturdy rails, for ultimate air circulation.
  • It features the toddler configuration system, for maximum freedom.


Expert Tips
  • The bedding is not machine washable, so be careful.
  • It does not include a drape canopy add-on, which is a good thing because it does not suit the design of the crib.


Final Thoughts

This white round crib is a masterpiece for all parents looking for a reliable crib. It may not be the perfect choice for infants, but it sure is right for babies older than four months as it is spacious and comfortable.


The Pros

  • Available in warm colors.
  • Best design for babies.
  • Spacious.
  • Ease of transportation.
  • Quality construction.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It can be used for three years.

The Cons

  • Not the right choice for infants.




#6. Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set

Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set



We admit, it is tough to be a parent, and there are so many things you need to consider for the safety of your child.

But, you can put your trust in the Baby Doll Darling Round Crib set to keep your baby safe and sound.

The reason why this crib has the word doll in it is that it incorporates a doll-like design with ultimate comfort.

Other than that, it has a long and wonderful-looking drape design that releases castle-like vibes. Moreover, it is available in a variety of warm and pleasant colors.


Safety and Comfort

The baby doll crib set is a production of the United States, which ensures the quality of the crib and provides the utmost comfort and safety to your child.


  • It is easy to place your baby into the crib due to its remarkable design.
  • If the draped canopy bothers you, prefer to take it out.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Suitable for traditional round cribs.
  • The crib fabric is machine washable.
  • Package includes bumper, dust ruffle, canopy, bows, comforter, sheet, land long drapes.
  • Manufactured in the USA.


Expert Tips
  • The structure of the crib is machine washable.
  • Sure, it is a princess crib, but with a few alterations, you can transform it into a prince’s crib as well.


Final Thoughts

The Baby Doll Darling Round Crib is perfect in terms of design, and no other product on this list can beat it. The crib is elegant and will be an ideal addition to your baby’s nursery.


The Pros

  • Durable.
  • Incredible comfort.
  • Princess-like design.

The Cons

  • Some consumers complain about the color.




#7. Stokke Sleepi Adjustable Oval Mini Baby Crib

Stokke Sleepi Adjustable Oval Mini round Baby Crib



If you like to go for shape-ey items, including baby cribs, then you came to the right product. The Stokke Sleepi Adjustable Oval mini baby crib will fulfill your every baby-related requirement.

It s one of the most suitable recommendations for your little one. The caring and sweet nest-like design offer security and a no-disturbance vibe to your child’s sleep.

Moreover, the crib package comes with a bed, drape rod, a mattress, and a couple of other features as well.


Safety and Comfort

For sure, the safety and comfort of your child are on top, and the Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib creates the most suitable sleep-environment for your infant. The oval shape builds a cozy nest for your baby to keep him/her warm and secure.


  • It is a mini crib, which means it will not use a lot of space in your baby’s room.
  • It serves a useful purpose in smaller spaces.
  • The size of this crib makes it ideal for elegant nurseries.


Highlighted Features &Specifications
  • The Stokke Sleepi Adjustable Oval Mini crib is an imported product.
  • An oval shape appears to be a nest that gives all the love and cares your baby needs to fall asleep.
  • The non-toxic mattress includes a cotton damask cover with quality foam.
  • With the adjustable height levels, you can adjust the bed level according to your baby’s growth.
  • The crib is 67cm wide, making it ideal for compact spaces.
  • Durable swivel wheels offer the ease of transportation.


Expert Tips
  • The bedding is machine washable.
  • With this mini crib, you shouldn’t bend too much while placing your baby into the cradle because the crib boundaries may hurt you or your baby.


Final Thoughts

It is a safe and worthy purchase for your infant. It provides the best amount of space for infants, and we recommend it to all the new parents.


The Pros

  • Beautiful crib.
  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Imported.
  • Suitable for heavy babies as well.
  • Easy to transport.

The Cons

  • The drape canopy is non-appealing.




#8. Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib

Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib



When it comes to elegant and modern cribs, the Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib is a reliable option.

Your angel will spend peaceful nights and days on this crib.

Besides that, the drop-down curtains shade your baby from the light and unwanted noises, plus you can use ribbons to pull the curtains back and forth.

We recommend this product to every modern parent who likes to create a classy and elegant nursery.


Safety and Comfort

The baby doll bedding carnation is a soft and comfy combination of gorgeous colors. With this bedding, you do not have to worry about your child’s comfort, as he/she will always remain safe and sound in the crib.


  • The white bedding can seem difficult to maintain, but you can machine wash the bedding for easy cleaning.
  • Make sure to place the crib in a room where there is a lot of space.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Production of the USA.
  • The crib is 35% cotton and 65% polyester.
  • Set includes dust ruffle, canopy, bows, drapes, fitted sheet, comforter, and duster.
  • The bedding is machine washable.


Expert Tips
  • If your baby spills something on the linen, do not rush to get a napkin to rub the stain off; throw the bedding into the washing machine.


Final Thoughts

If you need a curtain-filled, mesmerizing, and spacious bed for your little one, then you should buy this product.


The Pros

  • Story book-like crib design.
  • Durable construction.
  • Spacious.
  • Comfortable.
  • The package includes an array of accessories.

The Cons

  • Heavy to move around.
  • It takes up a lot of space.




#9. HAHASOLE Infant Soft Pad Braided Crib Bumper

HAHASOLE Infant Soft Pad Braided round Crib Bumper



If you consider the comfort of your infant the most, then HAHASOLE dedicates a product for you.

The HAHASOLE Infant Soft Pad Braided crib bumper is a plush and soft bumper that is useful for keeping your infant safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, it is available in a variety of vibrant and pleasant colors, such as Mint, Rose, Grey, Purple, White, Blue, and Pink.

It acts as a cushion for your baby when he/she moves around the crib, plus it makes sure your baby is always on the safe side.   


Safety and Comfort

If your baby loves to roll around in the crib, then there are chances of him/her bumping into the crib slats.

Luckily, the HAHASOLE infant soft pad braided bumper provides a comfortable and safe base for your baby to move in without getting hurt.


  • You can use the bumper pillow in a variety of ways, such as for breastfeeding support, a toy for strengthening your baby’s neck, shoulders, etc.
  • The availability of colors and textures is appealing to babies.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • Made with ultra-thin PP cotton lining and filling for a soft touch.
  • It features a safe boundary that protects your baby’s legs, hands, or head from bumping into the crib.
  • Thanks to its unique and easy-going design, it is suitable for all cribs and even stroller carriages.
  • It is a multipurpose bumper that can be used as a sleeping pillow, back cushion, and as bedding décor.
  • The bumper is safe and easy to wash in washing machines at low temperatures.


Expert Tips
  • You can include this bumper to your baby’s crib to add a little style, color, and fun to his/her room.
  • You can use the braided bumper as a pillow for supporting the baby.


Final Thoughts

The knotted bumper is an excellent addition to your baby’s crib, and it will enhance the comfort of sleep as well. On the other hand, you have to keep adjusting the bumper because it does not stay in one place.


The Pros

  • Machine washable bedding.
  • Comfortable texture.
  • Non-toxic fabric.
  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Durable.

The Cons

  • The knotted bumpers do not stay in one place.




#10. GUPYING Baby Crib Bumper

GUPYING round Baby Crib Bumper



If you are worried that your baby may not be sleeping well in a crib that does not have a comfortable and soft boundary, then you are in luck.

The GUPYING Baby Crib Bumper is a soft hugger for your child at night. It is full of quality foam, which means it will not become less cuddly even after a thousand hugs.

Furthermore, it comes in a series of attractive colors, so your baby can choose what he/she wants to hug at night.


Safety and Comfort

As this is a huggable baby crib bumper, it makes sure to provide ultimate comfort and peace to your baby.

With this product, you will not wake up in the middle of the night worrying about how your baby will sleep at night because GUPYING baby crib bumper has it all planned.


  • There are no complications here, just place the crib bumper around the crib’s bed-borders and watch how cheerful and comfortable your baby gets.


Highlighted Features & Specifications
  • It is a safety barrier for your child, as it makes sure your baby stays in the crib and does not get hurt.
  • Due to its unique and smart design, the bumper can even fit into strollers and all types of baby cribs.
  • A multipurpose bumper that can also provide comfort as a cushion, bedding décor, or a sleeping pillow.
  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 13 x 4.1 inches.
  • Overall weight: 3.66 pounds.


Expert Tips
  • If you ever experience strangulation or entanglement with the crib bumper, try positioning the ties outside the crib.
  • Do not bleach the bumper or put it under the shade.
  • Make sure to remove the crib bumper when your child learns how to stand.


Final Thoughts

The GUPYING baby crib bumper is soft and huggable for all the cuties out there. Unfortunately, what we do not like about this product is that it looks old and worn out after a few machine washes.

The Pros

  • Plush and cuddly material.
  • Your baby’s best sleep companion.
  • Machine washable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Quality materials.

The Cons

  • The bumper starts to look old after a few washes.




Related Topics That You Should Know


  • Round Crib Bedding

You cannot use traditional crib bedding on a round crib; that is obvious to understand. There is plenty of sweet and soft crib bedding available for round cribs.

Moreover, round baby crib brands usually provide linens for their cribs, so that is easy.


  • Round Baby Bassinet

Now, a round baby bassinet is for those parents who want to create a princess-like theme for their infants.

These feature curtains and a round bassinet; the same feeling of comfort but different techniques.

Additionally, you will need a round bassinet mattress and not a round crib mattress to go with your bassinet.

Round baby crib

  • Round Crib Mattress

The best part of having a round baby crib is the round crib mattress. Like round crib bedding, you can find round crib mattresses from crib brands as well. The purpose of using round crib mattresses is to fit them into the round crib.

Here is a tip for buying round crib mattresses; go for cheerful patterns and warm colors.


Round Crib Pros and Cons


The Pros

  • Round cribs are unique.
  • They consume less space.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Round cribs are versatile in terms of flexibility and design.
  • No sharp edges or corners.
  • They look stunning.
  • Round cribs offer ease of picking and placing baby into the crib.


The Cons

  • They are not durable.
  • Contain few bedding options.


Final Words

That is it!

We hope you understand the real benefits of having curved cribs for your baby because they are the absolute best.

Our personal favorite is the Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet as it is perfect in every sense; comfort, looks, crib bedding, safety, and construction. Moreover, you are free to make your pick from our montage of beautiful round cribs.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to parenthood and cribs!