Best Hook On High Chairs of 2024: Top 10 Reviews

If you are an expectant or a nursing mom, you may find it challenging to deal with your new-born child during mealtimes.

Or even you need peace of mind when doing your house chores, and your child cannot give that chance.

You may think of keeping the baby busy with food on the table, but again you are worried, what about if the baby falls.

Dilemma hits you, and you have to decide between attending to your baby and doing your chores.

It is time you bury your worries and do a favor to yourself by getting all the necessary gear to keep your baby entertained, whether during mealtimes or even games hours.

However, getting everything in the store won’t be a solution to your baby’s nuisance.

Probably you have acquired a new high chair for your baby, but still, the little space in your house won’t allow you to use it anywhere.

That is quite impressive, though, but some hindering factors limit you, and your baby has a happy time together during those dinners at home or even outings.

There is a perfect solution to this kind of trouble. And that is finding the right hook-on high chair for your child.

Hook-on high chairs are the suitable units that will ensure your baby is safely occupied on the table, and they are also space-saving units.

The good thing about them is that you can use them at home or even in hotels and restaurants.

However, there are some features you need to look at whenever buying a hook-on high chair for your child.

Having a big picture of these features will help you get the best hook on high chair.



Top 10 Best Hook On High Chairs of 2024





Factors to Consider When Buying Hook-On High Chair


As much it sounds a comforting idea, it should be noted that getting the best hook-on high chair is never an easy task.

You need to go through hustle, analyzing every option presented to you.

Without being watchful, you may end up carrying something that you may feel like trashing in your dustbin the next minute.

To avoid this scenario, look at the following factors before purchasing any hook-on high chair;


  • Baby’s Weight

The baby’s weight should be considered when buying any baby gear to use in carrying or even comfortability.

For instance, when purchasing a hook-on high chair, look that which will withstand the baby’s weight for long without breaking.

Noticeably, babies like swinging and making sudden movements on chairs.

Therefore, you should look for hook-on high chairs with strong arms and hooks that will not send your child crashing on the floor.

Additionally, you should know the maximum weight the hook-on high chair supports.


  • Baby’s Safety

The primary reason why you chose to buy a hook-on high chair is the safety of your child.

While it may not be the same case with you falling off from the chair, a child falling from a high chair is another issue that you may be prepared to handle.

When buying your baby’s chair basing on the hook on high chair safety, go for those with a three-point harness.

Such chairs come with seat straps that can be easily buckled or unbuckled.


  • The Thickness of Your Table

Although it is not a significant factor to consider, the table’s thickness also determines the kind of hook-on high table to order.

For example, a thicker table requires you to buy a hook-on high table with adjustable hooks to fit in any table.

This feature will enable and your baby to comfortably enjoy a meal on any table.


  • Portability

You are looking for chairs that you can carry anywhere without much hassle.

Look for the hook-on high chair that can collapse or fold easily to take minimal space in your car.

A portable hook-on high chair will be a perfect choice if you like traveling with your child.


  • Easy to Clean

Despite that babies are cute, they have this annoying habit of messing up with food whenever they are eating.

You might spend a lot of time cleaning them up and anything they come in contact with. But it is their nature, and we cannot beat them up for a messed up with food and their playing stuff.

To avoid this constant stressful cleaning, you should look for a hook-on high chair that is easy to clean.

For instance, you can search for vinyl made hook-on chairs, since they do not prove too hard to clean.

Also, you can check how the frame and cushion of the chair lap. You need to efficiently remove particles that are trapped in the structure when cleaning.

Alternatively, you can buy a hook on a high chair with a tray.




Top 10 Best Hook On High Chairs 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Hook On High Chairs Reviews

After looking at some of the leading hook-on high chairs with most customer satisfactory expressions, we have come up with a list of best baby hook-on high chair that you find it helpful to choose from.

Picking the right hook-on high chair from the baby store can be somehow tricky, and it is the reason why we have summarized the products and brought them on a single sheet.

The following are the best hook-on high chairs from different stores;


#1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Best Hook on High ChairCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Inglesina fast table chair won the hearts of many moms are the world with its versatility, particularly when looking for something that can fit on any shape of the table.

It is manufactured by an Italian company, Inglesina, which has a self-proclaimed reputation for making the best baby products built with hearts.

Inglesina fast table chair was the award-winning baby product in the editor’s choice award for the best hook-on high chair.

What made it take over the market since its manufacture? The following are the critical features of Inglesina fast table chair;


Key Features


  • Safety and Quality Usage: Inglesina Fast Table Chair comes with strong rubberized arms and an easy-to-use twist-tight coupling attachment mechanism. It has a three-point harness, the back seat height of 10.5 inches, and gentle side paddling that safely and comfortably keep your baby in one place.


  • Storage Pocket: This type of hook-on high chair has a rear storage pocket where you can keep small accessories like a mobile phone to free up your hands.


  • Portability: The package includes a friendly carry bag, where you can place the chair and the dining tray. For safety, the bag is sewn to the bottom of the chair, so you do not have to worry about losing it.


  • Ease of cleaning: The Fast Table Chair is easily hand-washable and air-dried. The fabric materials of this type of chair are resilient and resistant to frequent wear and tear, therefore becoming one of the most comfortable chairs to clean.


  • Baby weight: The Fast Table Chair can carry up to 37 pounds.


The Pros

  • Lightweight.
  • High backrest to accommodate babies and toddlers.
  • Allows optional tray attachment.
  • Easily compatible and portable, thus saves space.
  • Durable and easily washable material.
  • Fit on most tables.
  • Does not scratch tables.

The Cons

  • Not usable on the glass table.
  • It only has a waist belt, while some people may prefer shoulder straps.
  • Food and dust particles can stick into the frame and material lapping.



#2. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

Mountain Buggy Pod Best Clip On Highchair



The people of Mountain Buggy manufacture mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair.

It is majorly suitable for infants and toddlers who cannot sit independently on themselves.

It has a bucket design with side support. A mountain buggy pod clip-on high chairs are less compatible with specific high tables, and you may be limited to some types of tables to install.


Key Features


  • Net weight: This type of high chair can withstand a maximum weight of 16 kilograms.


  • Safety Features: It is globally safety certified and solidly built with a robust aluminum frame. It also has non-slip rubber grips that leave no scratches on tables.


  • Compatibility: It has large c-shaped clamps that make it compatible with most tables and benches.


  • Portability: Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair can easily be folded flat and weighs only 2.2lbs due to its lightweight. It also comes with an included carry bag, which makes it easier to travel with.


  • Comfortability: The chair comes with padded back support that sits on an ergonomic frame.


  • Ease of Cleaning: The chair is made of removable water-resistant fabric that can be easily zipped off to clean.


The Pros

  • Lightweight, compact, and can fold flat for portability.
  • Compatible with most tables.
  • Reasonably easy to wash with a machine.
  • Easy to install on tables.
  • Sturdy and durable quality fabric.


The Cons

  • Not compatible with thicker tables beyond 2 inches.
  • It only has two-point harnesses, unlike other clip-on high chairs, which have more than two-point harnesses.
  • It is relatively expensive than other clip-on high chairs.
  • Food particles are easily trapped in the material



#3. Chicco Quickseat Hook-On Chair

Chicco Quick Seat Best Hook-On Chair



The Chicco Quickseat Hook-On Chair is a friendly, simplified design that fits different tables, homes, and away.

It is designed with one-pull tightening cinches and a snapped-on tray that makes cleaning during mealtimes easy.

It also has three-point harnesses that keep your child safely and comfortably secured on the chair. It is manufactured in four colors; Graphite, Isle, Poetic, and Nordic.

If you are looking for a hook-on high chair with a tray, this is the choice. You will take a shorter time cleaning the table up after the meal.


Key Features


  • Compatibility: Has one-pull tightening cinches to secure on the dining tables and benches safely.


  • Ease of Cleaning: The attached tray offers a portable, comfortable cleaning eating surface. It also comes with a removable seat cover that provides an easily washable mechanism.



  • Portability: Compact folding and a built-in carry strap that offers excellent portability.


  • Usage: Accommodates table skirts up to 5.25 inches. It is also designed to hold a maximum weight of 37 pounds.


The Pros

  • Fast to hook on tables because of its one-pull tightening mechanism.
  • Comes with a snapped-on tray.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Larger bucket area.
  • No gap left between the child and the tray, so no need to worry about food particles.
  • Easy to install and uninstall from the table.


The Cons

  • Quiet heavy measuring around 9.5lbs.
  • Does not have storage pockets.
  • Smaller leg holes.
  • Lower underneath arms.
  • The included tray is much smaller than other hook-on high chairs.
  • Not suitable for glass tables



#4. Phil &Teds Lobster Clip-On High Chair

phil & teds Lobster Best Clip-On Highchair



When it comes to stylish moms who would like to get a sleek design seat, Phil & Teds Lobster Clip-On High Chair is their choice.

This high chair comes with a stainless steel frame that ensures a firm but straightforward clamp on to the table during mealtime.

It is also padded at the shoulder for transportation. For easy cleaning, the seat is created with fabric material that slides out for washing.

It is suitable for those looking for baby clip on high chair.


Key Features


  • Baby’s Weight: Phil &teds lobster weighs 3.9 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 37 pounds. It is also suitable for babies between 3 months and three years.


  • Compatibility: It has grips pads compatible with tables with 3.7 inches thick.


  • Baby’s Safety: The seat features 4-point harnesses with padded shoulder straps that safely keep your baby to the position.


  • Installation: It can be easily installed and uninstalled from the table due to its sturdy rubber grips.


  • Portability: The seat can be easily folded and packed in its carry bag when traveling.


The Pros

  • It is created in a sleek, modern design.
  • They are easily installed and packed away when the baby is done eating.
  • Comes with it carry bag for portability.
  • Maximum safety through its shoulder harness system.
  • Globally certified safety.
  • Comes with its safe dishwasher tray.


The Cons

  • Not suitable for glass top tables.
  • Not compatible with round tables.
  • Smaller leg holes, which may be hard to get your baby in and out.
  • Not suitable for children above 3 years.
  • Supporting clamps may leave scratches on the table.



#5. Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair

Chicco 360 Best Hook-On Chair



As the name suggests, this a unique type of chair that can lock on in six different positions.

It ensures that your baby has a comfortable and fun time facing you on whichever kind of table.

Chicco 360 hook-on chair comes with a snapped-on dishwasher safe tray which can be wiped deep clean by hand.

For those looking for a space-saving high chair for their baby, they should make time and grab this fantastic chair.


Key Features


  • Easy of Cleaning: Chicco 360 hook-on high chair is designed with a removable fabric that is easily washable.


  • Baby’s Weight: It can carry a maximum of 37lbs. Children can also use the seat between 6 months and three years.


  • Compatibility: The seat is compatible with 5.25 inches thick tables. It also has rubber grips that easily clamp to the tables.


  • Baby’s Safety: There are visible heightened buttons used to adjust the safety of the seat.


The Pros

  • Versatile because it can rotate in six positions.
  • Portable with its carry bag.
  • Snap-on dishwasher tray.
  • Easily washable fabric.
  • Adjustable heightened buttons.


The Cons

  • A bit heavier weighing 9 pounds.
  • Sometimes it becomes hard to assemble it after washing.
  • Little crevices of food particles can stick on the front part.



#6. Toogel Hook-On High Chair

Toogel Best Hook On High Chair



Toogel hook-on high chair is an environmentally friendly chair that ensures your baby is entertained during mealtime at home or even when traveling.

It is the favorite seat for busy families who like spending most of their time socializing with friends and would not have more time with their young ones.

This highly portable chair can be assembled in no time and conveniently folded into its shoulder bag.

Toogel is the best clip-on high chair for babies who like staying close to their parents on high tables.


Key Features


  • Baby’s Safety: Toogel Hook-On High Chair features a 5-point harness system that is fully adjustable for your baby’s security against slipping off the seat.


  • Ease of Installation: It has easy-twist couplings that offer fast and secure set-up with a baby’s dining place.


  • Ease of Cleaning: The fabric is easily removable for cleaning. It is also a machine-washable seat due to its high quality 600D waterproof polyester.


  • Storage Pocket: The seat comes with its storage space at the back where you can keep extra essentials away from the baby’s hands and curious eyes.


The Pros

  • Comes with a storage pocket.
  • Non-slip plastic grip.
  • Environmental friendly fabric.
  • Compatible to most tables.
  • Adjustable safety belt.
  • Easily washable removable seat cover.
  • Ease of installation.


The Cons

  • Less durable.
  • Only suitable for tables below 80mm thick.
  • Assembling may take some time.



#7. ANTEN Hook-On High Chair

ANTEN Best Hook On High Chair



For mothers who like traveling with their babies everywhere, this is another choice of a high chair.

The seat is a bit lightweight and can fit most tables between 0.8 inches to 3.35 inches thick.

ANTEN can also be assembled and disassembled within 30 seconds, saving you time to settle and have your meals. It also comes with its carry bag for portability.

Not forgetting its storage pocket where you can keep your essentials.


Key Features


  • Compatibility: ANTEN can hook on to most tables. It fits on 0.8 inches to 3.35 inches’ thick tables both at home and when traveling.


  • Installation: The seat can be assembled and disassembled easily.


  • Ease of Cleaning: The removable polyester cushion seat can be easily wiped clean. Parents mostly love it for this simplicity.


  • Portability: Its foldable design and the additional storage pocket make it easier to be carried when traveling.


  • Baby’s Weight and Age: ANTEN hook-on high chair id suitable for babies between 6 months and three years. It allows children up to 15kg.


  • Baby’s Weight: It has a five-point harness system secured both at the waist and legs.


The Pros

  • It includes a storage pocket.
  • Fast installation
  • Has a five-point harness system for safety.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Rubberized grips prevent scratches to the table.


The Cons

  • Not suitable for glass tables.
  • Not suitable for round or curved tables.



#8. TCBunny Hook On Chair

TC Bunny Best Hook On Chair



TCBunny hook-on high chair is a uniquely designed chair with steel clamps that have non-slip grips that provide a secure attachment to the table.

It weighs 4.12 pounds and is suitable for babies between 6 and 36 months weighing 37lbs. The seat is a space-saver.


Key Features


  • Baby’s Weight: TCBunny hook-on high chair allows babies up to 37lbs. It is also suitable for babies between 6 months and three years.


  • Baby’s Safety: It comes with a 5-point harnessing system keeping your baby safe and comfortable.


  • Compatibility: The seat is compatible with most tables ranging to 3.35 inches thick.


The Pros

  • 5-point harness for safety.
  • Allows your baby to sit upright.
  • Lightweight weighing only 4 pounds.
  • Included carry bag.
  • Easily removable seat bucket for washing.
  • Non-slip grip preventing scratches.


The Cons

  • No feeding tray.
  • Not compatible with glass tables.



#9. VEEYO Hook-on High Chair

VEEYOO Best Hook On High Chair



VEEYO portable hook-on high chair is a suitable seat for traveling moms who wish to have a happy time with their babies.

It is a compatible chair that fits most tables, and it is light in weight for transportation.

VEEYO is suitable for babies older than six months. Installation is also fast and straightforward.

Additionally, it comes with a storage pocket to safely keep items away from your child.


Key Features


  • Portability: It comes with a carry bag for storage when traveling. It is also easily foldable and compact.


  • Safety: It has a 5-point harnessing system that prevents the baby from standing.


  • Ease of Washing: The fabric is easily removable and machine washable.


  • Convenient Design: The seat is designed with a storage pocket, and it is lightweight.


The Pros

  • Machine washable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Portable with a carry bag.
  • Do not scratch the table and fingers.


The Cons

  • Not suitable for glass tables.
  • Only fit for 3.3 inches.



#10. guzzie and Guss Perch Clip On Table Chair

guzzie+Guss Perch Best Clip On Table Chair



guzzie and Guss Perch is one of the lightweight, high chair weighing only six pounds.

It does not require much muscle stretching to carry from place to place. It is compatible with up to 3.75 inches’ thick table, which is an excellent choice for wider tables.

It can be easily folded and kept in a closet after the baby is done eating. It also carries up to 37 pounds of weight.


Key Features


  • Baby’s Safety: guzzie and Guss perch hook-on high chair have a five-point harnessing system. It also comes with twist-tightening features that offer extra security.


  • Baby’s Weight: It allows a maximum weight of 37 pounds.


  • Portability: The seat has its carry bag safety kept below the seat bucket.


The Pros

  • Machine washable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Five-point harness system.
  • Storage pocket to keep essentials.
  • Included carry bag for portability.
  • It has rubberized grips that leave no marks on tables.


The Cons

  • Not compatible with glass tables and round tables.
  • Most do not reach high tables when clamped.
  • Do not fit tables more than 4 inches.



Final Words


Whether you have your meal at home or on a trip, having a hook-on high chair is an idea that you should steal and adopt.

Baby seats reduce the stress of cleaning up after enjoying every meal with your child. They also increase the joy of interacting with your child during mealtime.

Additionally, hook-on high chairs give every mom peace of mind when attending to house chores because they keep their babies entertained.

However, getting the right high chair can prove tedious if you do not know what to look for in a baby seat.

The article has elaborated in detail the bets table clip on high chairs that every parent should think of buying.