How to Plan A Baby Shower: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever attended a baby shower? Do you have the photos that were taken at your baby shower? A baby shower serves as a party for close friends to celebrate the mom-to-be and her family before it grows by one. Hosting a baby shower can almost feel like planning for a wedding.

Historical data evidence reveals that the earliest celebrations revolving around pregnancy date back to ancient Egypt. Are you stuck trying to google how to plan a baby shower? This article will guide you on the whole baby shower process on how to plan a baby shower step by step.

How to Plan A Baby Shower


Planning A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower

There are several things to consider before even coming up with a draft. Planning should be initiated by the host who is probably the mom-to-be, a relative, or a close friend. Failure is an outcome of poor planning; you should ensure that you are detailed all through.

Here are several questions that will guide you in the primary planning stages.

  • Who will be involved in the planning?
  • When will the shower take place? (during pregnancy or after birth?)
  • Will it be coed or a girls-only event?
  • What is essentially required in a baby shower?

Once you have the rough ideas, you can now have thoughts on how to plan a baby shower checklist.



Baby Shower Checklist

The best way to plan a baby shower is by creating a checklist. With the right information, it is quite easy to draft one. It should have time intervals to enable plan evaluation. For example, 6 weeks before the shower, 3 weeks before….and so on.


6 Weeks Before the Baby Shower


  • Plan A Budget

Baby is on the way! Who is not happy? Nobody. Excitement levels go high making the host envision big things for the baby shower. How to plan a baby shower on a budget is a thing you should keep in mind. Evaluate the amount of money you have and match it to what you can afford. Stick to the budget to avoid running out of money in the later stages.


  • Prepare The Guest List

Baby shower checklist

Now that you already know how much you want to spend, think of the number of shower attendees. Getting everyone’s addresses may not be easy, so take your time in composing the list. Be keen to be inclusive as leaving out close friends and relatives to the mom-to-be might frustrate them.


  • Decide The Venue, Date and Time

Baby shower Venue

Since you have already decided on the number of attendees, think of the venue. Most people prefer holding baby showers at home. It brings a personal feel and most importantly, it is relatively cheap. You can decide to have the party in the yard if you got a spacious one or simply let the party roll inside the house.

If you are thinking of a neutral venue, don’t feel excluded from this topic. Make reservations in advance to avoid late time delays. The date and time are not a big deal once you have the location decided. Make sure that the timing is realistic to lure a good turnup.


  • Think of the Theme

Baby shower foods list

What statement do you want to create? The theme will dictate all the activities that will take place in the baby shower. The decorations, foods, invitations, and even the dress code of the day should show the theme. There is a whole topic later in this article on baby shower themes.


  • Prepare Invitations and The Registry

Now that you have all the details about the location, date, time and theme, think of the invitations. Will they be handwritten or typed? Have them ready. The baby registry is very important as it notes the information about the invitations. You can easily purchase one or table your own.


  • What else?

Make considerations. Think of the secondary needs arising. You might need rentals for your far-traveled guests if you cannot accommodate them all in your house. Be real and practical. Hosting the baby shower outdoors in winter or the cold seasons will be insane.



4 Weeks Before the Baby Shower


  • Distribute the Invitations

baby shower invitation card

Now that you have the location, time, date, the invitation list, and everything else ready, give out the invitations. It is so important to make sure you do so early enough to give time for response. The invitation must include the date, time, locations, and directions. You should also let them know how to conduct you for feedback. It is expected that some will give a disappointing response to unavailability.

You can revise their spots and award them to other friends. You can opt to go digital and make electronic invitations either through WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media platforms. However, it is good to note that paper invitations are the most classic.


  • Foods and Beverages

Baby shower foods and beverages

Think of the types of refreshments you would like to serve. The time of the event can influence the type of food. Plan the menu according to the budget. You need to put in mind that some guests might require a special diet with respect to their health. How to plan a baby shower by yourself is quite hard- you already know this.

You need to have people who will assist you in this or simply hire a professional caterer. A baby shower cake is compulsory. Beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda will keep the guests refreshed.


  • Buy the Decorations

Get what you need for decoration according to the selected theme. The whole house including the walls, ceiling, and tables should be decorated. You can use party lights, balloons, candles, banners, cut out letters, and much more. Order some flowers to be delivered on the shower date.


  • Make Reservations (Including Ordering the Cake)

Baby shower cake

Some bakeries require customers to order cakes in advance. The cake is a compulsory thing in a baby shower, you cannot afford to gamble on it. Check with the bakery early enough. The cake should complement the theme of the party. Be willing to spend your money on a quality cake. If you preferred professionals to handle the catering, make the reservations at this time to avoid late minute disappointments.


  • Arrange Entertainment and Photography If Applicable

Baby shower games are the fun part everyone is always waiting for. Think of the games that the attendees will play. There is a whole topic later in this article about baby shower games- you have to check that. Music can help set the tone, so decide the kind of baby shower music that will be playing in the background to keep everyone entertained. This is the time to make arrangements for the music system. Photos bring back the memories. You need to make arrangements with a photographer at this time.



2 Weeks Before the Baby Shower


  • Make Re-Confirmations

This is the time to make sure that everything is in order. Follow up on the RSVPs. Conduct those who did not respond and have a final headcount. Re-confirm catering, entertainment, reservation if you are hosting the baby shower in a restaurant, and everything else that was initially planned. Write the shopping list and if the party is at your home, check the utensils and the serving dishes. This is also the ideal time to create a music playlist.



1 Week Before the Baby Shower


  • Make the Purchases

Baby shower essentials items

Get all you need as per the shopping list. For the perishables like flowers, you can await deliveries on the special day. Counter check the decorations to make sure everything is purchased.


  • Plan the Venue

Figure out where everything will go. Where do you want to place the seats? Where will the guests play? Have a basic plan.


  • Prepare the Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower flavors

Whether you are buying or making them by yourself, have them ready by this time.



2 Days to The Baby Shower


  • Send Reminders to Helpers

Do not assume that the people you are relying on are still aware of their roles. People are busy and can easily forget. Send a friendly reminder to them. Do not forget to do the same to the photographer.


  • Wash and Clean Up

Clean up the house if the shower will be held indoors. Wash the utensils and everything else you are planning to use.


  • Try to Get Much of The Work Done

Check your checklist and find anything which needs to be done before the baby shower. This will give an easier time on the special day.


1 Day to the Baby Shower


  • Set Up the Event

Baby shower event

Arrange the chairs and make decorations.


  • Prepare Beverages and Food

Prepare beverages and chill them so that they will be available cold the next day. If you are not cooking, expect the caterer to deliver some foods.


  • Pick Up the Cake

Since you already made an order, collect the cake. Buy a corresponding cake stand and decorations.


  • Final Touches

Check on everything. Is everything on the checklist done? Is the temperature of the room okay? Are all planners happy and satisfied? Make sure everything is perfect before the day ends.


You are done. That’s how to plan a baby shower. Good work. Enjoy!



The Actual Day of the Baby Shower

Baby shower party

What To Do
  • Make sure that the food that could not be prepared a day earlier is ready on time.
  • Have the finishing touches on the decoration at least 3 hours earlier.
  • Let the guests congregate at the party site an hour ahead of time.
  • Avail the refreshments from the start of the party.

The biggest and awaited part is the party time! Introduce the guests to each other. Give the attendees enough time to mingle. Let everyone eat to their satisfaction as the photographer captures the moments. Have fun with the baby shower games and thereafter you can receive the gifts.


After the Party

Baby shower invitation thank you card

At long last, the stress of coordinating the party is over! It is now time to wrap it up. Here are some essential things should consider doing.

  • Ensure that the guests leave with their party favors.
  • Send Thank You note cards to all the participants.
  • Sort out the gifts.



Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games

Of course, baby showers are for primarily celebrating the impending arrival of a baby. This is the time to celebrate the gift of life and have fun. Baby shower games create unforgettable moments for the host and the guests. Whether you are wondering how to plan a baby shower party at home or anywhere else, here are some shower games ideas that will get you started.


Don’t Drop the Egg (Baby)


What you will need:

  • Eggs
  • Wooden spoons.


How to Play:

Assume that each egg is a baby. Organize a race outdoors in which each guest carries the baby (egg) on a spoon. The spoon should be held between the teeth and the race is supposed to be at a fairly flat and spacious backyard.

The eggs should be boiled to avoid messy breaks when they fall. The guest who manages to cross the finish line first with his or her egg still held wins this game.


Power of Observation


What you need:

  • The mom-to-be’s choice of attire
  • A tray with baby items.


How to Play:

Place the baby items on the tray to trick the attention of the guests. Let the mom-to-be distribute them to the guests before she walks out. One of the guest hosts should now ask the attendees how the mum-to-be looked. Did she have hearings on?  How was her hairstyle? What was the color of her clothes? Were her nails done?

These are the kind of questions to ask. The fun in this is that the guests focus on the tray as it is passed rather than the mum-to-be.


Who’s That Baby?


What you need:

  • Baby photos of your guests.


How to Play:

Ask the guests to bring baby photos of themselves. Tape the photos on the wall or just place them on the table. Let the attendees have fun as they try to match the baby photos with the correct person.


Diaper Change Relay Race

What you need:

  • Baby dolls.
  • Diapers.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Receiving blankets.


How to Play:

Split your guests into teams of the same number and have them stand in a line. Each group should have a baby doll dressed in diapers and wrapped in a receiving blanket. When you signal the start, the first person in line in each team will remove the blanket and the diaper, wipe the doll’s bottom with a baby wipe, put another diaper on and rewrap the doll in the blanket before handing to the next member on the line. The first team to have all its members do the whole process wins the game.



Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower ideas

Why have a baby shower? When and where should you throw the party? What should you do during the baby shower? The answers are simple and we will break them down for you. How to plan a baby shower step by step requires creativity. Here are some baby shower ideas to help us break down this topic.


  • Go for the Crafts

Have a twist on the typical baby shower games and activities by going for arts and crafts instead. This will serve dual purposes- it will be fun doing art and craft and the end products can function as gifts to the mum-to-be. For the art, pass out plain papers and fabric paints and let the attendees get creative.

The craft ideas include decorating the baby’s nursery, creating headbands, and even painting baby hangers. No need to go expensive! You can have thoughts on how to plan a simple baby shower.


  • Think of DIY’s

How to plan a baby shower on a small budget can be a headache to the host. The cost of planning a baby shower is usually quite high. Switching to Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas can help. You can get creative with the banners, decorations, push pops, toppers, and even the cards. This will not only save you the cost but will also add a personal touch and inspiration to the baby shower.

Now that we have talked about cards (diaper cards) that help reveal the baby’s gender, it is good to note that how to plan a baby shower for a girl is different from that of a boy. In relation, how to plan a baby shower for twins should be treated slightly different.


  • Make it Kid-Friendly

If the anticipated newborn is not the firstborn, this is a perfect chance to invite the siblings. Of course, they also want to welcome their new sister or brother! This type of shower does not have to be detailed. Leave the stress of the baby shower planning and make it festive!



Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts

Picture this. Someone in a supermarket pushing a trolley past the shelves for hours searching for a perfect baby shower gift. Let’s all agree on this. Unless you are a mother, you probably don’t know where to start on this gifting thing. We have some gift tips here that will be of help if you are going for the shopping.


  • Baby Holder

Baby shower baby holder gift

The new parents will definitely need this. As much as they will find joy in holding their newborns, they will at times get exhausted by it. This wearable baby carrier will give their hands a break.


  • Burp Cloths

baby shower brup cloths

This outfit will protect the parents as they wipe up the baby’s messes when cleaning the child or even during feeding.


  • Smart Wall Mount Baby Monitors

baby shower gift monitor

This is a perfect gift idea if you are wondering on how to plan a surprise baby shower visit. These monitors are a gift of sleep to the parents. The automated camera monitor hooks up with your phone and tracks the baby at night. The parents can have detailed stats of the baby comfortably on their phones.


  • Newborn Baby Journals, and Guidebooks


Books and motherly writing materials will be a perfect gift for the mum-to-be. The baby’s first year has a lot of keepsakes. Journals and scrapbooks will highlight these memories. Medical logs and nursing guidebooks will help the parents in raising the baby.


  • Baby Photo Album

baby shower gift photo album

Is there anything relaxing than a memory book? I guess you always have fun when you look at your old photos. Buy one for the parents and let them track all the events and milestones of the baby.


  • DIY Baby Shower Gifts

baby shower diy gifts

Personalized gifts are always heartfelt. Think of knitting clothes and socks for the baby as a gift. If you are creative enough, think of making some baby art that will decorate the nursery. If the baby’s name has been decided, you can stitch the name on a toy gift.



Baby Shower Decorations


How to plan a baby shower party without thinking of decorations is almost impossible.  The walls, tables, ceiling, and even the yard (if the party is taking place outdoors) should look gorgeous and inviting. There are plenty of decoration ideas to think of. Balloons, pennant banners, cut-out letters spelling “welcome”, party lights- you have so much more to choose from.

Decorations always create a cozy atmosphere and adding some fresh florals will complement it all. If you are wondering how to plan a baby shower on a small budget then go for DIY decors as they will save the cost.



Baby Shower Themes


Do not confuse themes with decorations! These are two different things but similar in a way. A theme is more of statement-making as compared to decoration which aims at beautifying. Themes are meant to make the event unforgettable. Color and party’s décor, food, and activities themes are examples of what we are talking about.

The baby shower themes create a specific direction on what the parents will need and value as a gift. If the parents are reflecting personal interests such as traveling, the guests should notice this and bring gift items that make traveling with a baby easier.


How to plan a baby shower for a boy is different from that for a girl.



Baby Shower Themes for Girls

BABY SHOWER THEMES for baby girl

  • Princess themes. Princesses never go out of style. The decorations should include crowns, castles, and thrones. Play with all symbols you can think of.
  • Girl power themed statements. Give inspiration in the invitations with quotes from great scholars that empower girls. “though she be but little, she is fierce,” by Shakespeare or even Ruth Bader’s “Super Diva!” could be inspirational. Giving feminist baby books as gifts will also go well with this theme.
  • Flower themes. Florals create a timeless theme and are also a sign of love. Bouquet shaped diaper cakes, balloons arranged in a flowery manner and even fresh and scented flowers will work well with this theme.



Baby Shower Themes for Boys




  • Nautical themes. Having shades of blue, gray and white will create a classic atmosphere. Think of incorporating sailing equipment decorations such as sailboats and anchors.
  • Cowboy themes. You don’t just have to be a fan of country music to go for this theme. If you were wondering how to plan a baby shower on a small budget then this theme will suit you. You only need some hats, hay and maybe a country music track playing.
  • Little man themes. It is usually the dream of parents to watch their son turn into a man. Decorate the baby shower party with mustaches and bow ties. Design the banners with huge letters to bring in a feeling of a ‘big boy.’
  • Go vintage! Boys love vintage. It is usually a timeless and elegant theme. Vintage art on the walls will bring a feel of this theme. White balloons on the ceiling will resemble the clouds!

That’s all for our today’s article. I hope you enjoyed it!