Pregnancy Diet: What Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you need to eat as healthily as you can. Adapting your diet is pretty much mandatory, and you need to have more nutrients and healthy foods in your diet to avoid any issues.

With that in mind, adding superfoods or extremely healthy foods is exactly what you want to pursue the most.

Ideally, you want to focus on finding the right foods for pregnant women, and here are some of the best pregnancy foods are listed below.


Top 10 Best Foods for Pregnant Women


  • Green Veggies
  • Seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Walnuts
  • Lean meats
  • Oranges
  • Figs
  • Berries


The good news is for you is the fact that we have already prepared an infographic that will give you a visual look of all the necessary food that you should during pregnancy. So here, you go.

Enjoy the visual.


Pregnancy Food Infographic

Pregnancy Food Infographic

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  • Green Veggies

Leafy greens need to be in the pregnancy diet plan because they are very healthy and enjoyable.

On top of that, they are full of folic acid, minerals, vitamins, and so on. You need to avoid nausea when you are pregnant, and leafy greens will help.

Also, smoothies and juices can help you add veggies to your diet, so that might work very well too, just try to consider it for the best possible results and approach.

Even spinach is excellent for pregnant women, but in this case, you want to cook it and eat it at times.

Don’t overdo it, as it might end up being harmful. That’s the situation with most of the best foods for pregnancy.

It’s recommended to eat them, but avoid overdoing it as it might end up being a problem instead of a solution, and that’s what you want to focus on.


  • Seafood

Not a lot of women know this, but aside from veggies and fruits for pregnancy, you can also focus on seafood.

Wild fish and seafood in general, tend to have a lot of protein and trace minerals like zinc or iodine.

These are crucial for pregnant women, so finding a way to acquire them can really make a huge difference all the time.

Moderate fish consumption is essential for pregnant women, although you need to limit yourself to around three servings per week at most.

What seafood is right for you here?

Wild salmon, herring, shrimp, mackerel, oysters, sardines, anchovies, and trout will be a good option if you want the best pregnancy diet plan.

You need to talk with the doctor, however just to make sure that you avoid any possible issues.

Once you do that, it will be a lot easier to handle any potential problems, so take that into consideration.

Omega 3 fatty acids that come from fish will help a lot too, as they support your brain, fight inflammation, and also support your nervous system.


  • Dairy Products

Eating dairy products is a perfect idea if you want to follow the pregnancy food chart.

Dairy helps a lot since you need it to meet the calcium and protein needs of your child. It also has zinc, magnesium as well as B vitamins, and phosphorus.

To make things even better, it can help with digestive health, and it brings in front of a vast array of many other health benefits.

Plus, if you take probiotic supplements, you can lower the risks of vaginal infections, gestational diabetes, and various allergies that might arise in one way or another.


  • Sweet Potatoes

They are an excellent addition to the pregnancy care diet. They bring in a lot of vitamin A, which is very important for fetal development all the time.

But you need to avoid animal-based sources of vitamin A, as this can lead to toxicity if you overeat.

That’s why you need to keep these things under control, otherwise, there will be issues, and that’s certainly something to take into consideration.

It’s an incredible thing to keep in mind, so consider that, and you will be okay in the end because of it.

Sweet potatoes also help lower the blood sugar spikes, boost fullness and they also bring you great mobility and digestive health benefits too.


  • Eggs

Believe it or not, eggs are delicious healthy food, especially for healthy women. It helps bring in healthy protein and fat too.

You also get a lot of minerals. Not to mention the egg is an excellent choline source too.

If you want to avoid neural tube defects or brain fetus damage, eating eggs can come in handy, so you have to take that into consideration.

This is a great idea, and it will bring in front of an exciting, impressive option for you to explore.

Avoid eating too many eggs; However, an egg per day or once a few days will be great for your pregnancy diet plan.


  • Walnuts

When it comes to the best foods for pregnancy, not a lot of people believe that walnuts might help. But what they don’t realize is that walnuts are full of omega-three fatty acids.

They are also a great source of fiber and protein for your body. Take a few of them, maybe even add a few to your salad and it will be fine.

It will help your baby become strong and powerful, all without any protein deficiencies. That alone can be extremely helpful and vital, and you should consider it as much as possible.

Walnuts are diverse, and there are many different types out there, so you just have to find the right type to suit your needs.

It will bring you incredible value and experience, so you should totally avoid any rush and focus on results more than anything else.

Try regular walnuts and eat them often, you will see a significant difference.


  • Lean Meats

Not a lot of women know this, but eating Lean meats can be suitable for your pregnancy. Sure, it might seem quite the opposite you want to eat.

But the reality is that meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein.

That being said, you want to look for cuts that are almost free of any fat. Some like pork or beef also have choline. Hot dogs and deli meats are not that good, especially when you are pregnant.

But preparing some lean meat at home can actually be quite the difference.

If you pay attention to this and really take your time, you will find that results can be a lot better than you might have anticipated.

It’s not an easy thing to do right, but it will be well worth it in the long run.


  • Oranges

Oranges are a great addition to any diet because they are full of vitamin C, fiber and folate.

Plus, they also help you meet the daily fluid needs. The last thing you want is not to have the right amount of fluid in your body, as it will bring in many health issues.

So that’s a thing to take into consideration when something like this happens. Of course, you want to avoid eating too many oranges, but a few per day can really make a huge difference.


  • Figs

Figs are full of nutrients, and they include phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium too. Plus, they help the tooth-forming process for your child.

On top of that, this is an excellent source of iron, especially during the pregnancy process. It will help you immensely, and you get to maintain the right bone formation and blood clotting too.

It might take a little bit of time to get used to adding figs to your diet often, but it will be well worth it in the end.


  • Berries

We can’t talk about the best foods for pregnancy without covering berries. They are a get source of nutrients.

They help fight against cell damage and oxidative stress. On top of that, you will also be able to avoid gestational diabetes or anything like that.

Organic berries are the best option, of course, but you have a variety of other options here as well. Just try to use that to your advantage, and the results themselves can be well worth the investment. You can eat them sparingly, once in a while.

With all the exotic foods, a pregnant woman can live a very healthy life during pregnancy.  Besides, they should maintain a healthy diet menu that helps their baby grow properly.



Pregnancy Diet Menu


Pregnancy Diet Menu


What kind of pregnancy diet plan should you go with? It all comes down to your personal preferences, but there are some great options to check out and explore. Here’s a good option that you can adapt to every day based on your needs.


  • Breakfast

At breakfast, you can try a variety of different things. We recommend natural yogurt, a few slices of fruit, low-gi muesli, boiled egg, breakfast wrap with tomatoes, feta and scrambled eggs, oats and so on. It’s either one or two of these at most. But there’s definitely an option to be found here.


  • Lunch

At lunch, you should go with a chicken salad with leafy greens and cheese, vegetable wrap with carrots, tomato, grated carrots and others.

Or you can choose a chicken mayonnaise toasted sandwich, and even a vegetable soup will be a great one to suit your needs or requirements.


  • Dinner

Dinner is more complicated, as every pregnant woman has different needs.

Ideally, you want to go with things like a non-fatty steak with fresh mushroom sauce. Chicken fillets with feta cheese can be just as good.

Vegetable or meat stew can come in handy too. Even vegetable sushi if you can.

It is vital for pregnant woman to maintain their regular exercise.

We have a mini list of what exercise a pregnant woman should do regularly. The lists are given below:



Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Exercises


When you’re pregnant, you want to avoid exercising as much as you can, but there are some that will work very well for you.

They don’t have to be complicated, but you need to move your body and not sit all the time. That’s why you need to choose a good set of simple exercises you can try out to your own advantage.

  • Swimming is excellent because you will relieve nausea and any sciatic pain. It will also loosen your ligaments and joints too. That being said, you will need to avoid going too far away from the shore. Going to swim at the local pool under supervision is the right idea, and it will help you more than you might imagine in the end in a situation.
  • Running is okay as long as you stick to a treadmill or level terrain. The ligament and joints can make jogging a chore, so you may want to consider that.
  • Walking might not be a complex exercise, but it will help a lot more than you imagine, and you have to at least give it a try for yourself to see how it works.
  • Indoor cycling is also good. You’re not pressuring your child in any way, but you still get to work on your body, and that’s really helpful.
  • Stair climbers and ellipticals can be helpful too. They offer comfort for you and your baby. It’s not the most complex thing you can do, and the results you get are very impressive in the end.

Some foods you must avoid during pregnancy. Our list will guide you to avoid those foods:



Foods Should Avoid During Pregnancy


foods to avoid during pregnancy

Now that you know what to eat during pregnancy, what should you avoid eating during your pregnancy? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • High mercury fish can be toxic, and it will make you both you and your child sick.
  • Processed meat can have a variety of parasites and bacteria. Since your stomach is very sensitive during pregnancy, the last thing you want is to deal with such a problem.
  • Eating eggs is great, but don’t go with raw eggs. They are not that healthy for you, and you may want to avoid them.
  • The same thing happens with organ meat, it’s not ok for you, and it can lead to health issues.
  • Coffee is terrible if you are pregnant, as it will transfer directly to your child. Aside from checking the pregnancy food chart, make sure that you don’t overdo it with such drinks either.



As you can see, there are many things to focus on when you create a pregnancy diet plan.

You need to pay a lot of attention, and there are plenty of foods you want to avoid. Take your time, avoid any rush, and you should have a great experience every time.

It’s not going to be easy to achieve all those things you have in mind, but that’s why you need to keep your diet under control. Also, make sure that you often exercise too and stay away from unhealthy foods.

If you need anything related to baby products, you can check our Product Review page.

Pregnancy Diet What Foods to Eat During Pregnancy