Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms 2024

Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into months; Time is fast approaching. It is indeed an experience with beautiful moments and memories but is that all there is to it?

No way! From annoying symptoms to niggling doubts and embarrassing moments. Let’s not forget nausea, irritation, morning sickness, insane cravings, and petty mood swings.

There’s also sentimental and emotional moments for absolutely no reason. Pregnancy is a full package.

First-time mom, Aunt Rosslyn was pregnant, and Cara, her niece, was yet to visit. Being raised as a giver, Cara didn’t fancy going empty-handed, but she had no idea what to get her aunt.

She called a few friends and got appealing suggestions. Michelle said fruits. Of course, what else does a pregnant woman need?

But Prisca believed that getting a pregnant woman fruit as a congratulatory gift was cliché, so she suggested getting her normal gifts such as a bracelet, or better, a nice handy bag.

Confused, Cara settled for a bag and on getting to Aunt Rosslyn’s house, plastered on her best grin. ”Hi, aunt Rosslyn! Aww, pregnancy looks good on you.

Congratulations!! ” she gushed out and presented her with a cute bag in shades of blue and green. To her dismay, Aunt Rosslyn laughed and said,” another bag? Thanks, dear. Everyone seems to think I’m going to need bags to carry this baby, ha-ha.”

They laughed it off, but dang! Cara thought. What on earth could be proper for a pregnancy gift??

Are you also in Cara’s shoes? Well, it’s right for you to know a little bit of exactly what this moms-to-be are going through, both positively and negatively. It’s a thrilling time for these set of women, but it can also be sadly frightening and deeply intense, especially if there is no elderly or more experienced mom helping them through it.

But overall, being pregnant for the first time can truly prove to be exhilarating. It comes with a barrage of feelings, from happiness to apprehension, panic, bodily soreness, and a lot of emotional baggage too.

Every pregnancy is unique in its way. Most expectant mothers suddenly lose their sense of taste. Some begin to hate the things they liked, and others like the very things they hated!

Well, whether they like it or not, all pregnant women are advised to eat healthily and focus their eating plans mostly on fruits and veggies for that period to make a healthy baby.

Also, a vast majority experience pains due to their ever-enlarging figures; bloating, stretching. They go through a lot. It’s no small feat to be responsible for human life, feeling it grow within you.

Now, to the most crucial question: how exactly can you get a pregnancy gift that counts? Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of gifts for first-time moms that you can be sure they’ll love!

Gifts for first time expectant moms are hidden in open sight. They would surely treasure a gift from you because they are practically bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. These gifts can be according to the period of the pregnancy. Is it an early pregnancy?

First, second, or third trimester? This would help determine what you should give them.



Top Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

Pregnancy Gifts

Put together below is a list of gifts that you can present to pregnant relatives, colleagues, and all around you to help them enjoy and savour their 9-month pregnancy period and have lots of memories.


  • Books

Questions! These newly expecting moms tend to have lots and lots of questions about their symptoms, body changes. They would most likely be wondering what to and what not to eat or drink just to protect the baby.

The questions just keep coming, from these first-time moms to more experienced moms and anyone within ear reach.

They have no prior experience and would appreciate answers to their nagging questions and quiet fears. Yes, books should always be the first pregnancy gifts to be considered!

Along with answering their questions, it keeps them busy and helps them rest well. We don’t need a restless and parading expectant mom now, do we? So get her a pregnancy-related book to keep her calm.


  • Journaling

Like in everyday situations, during pregnancy, it seems like it’ll never end! However, after delivery, it would look like it was over too soon then, nursing phase sets in.

All experiences during the trimesters are forgotten, and unless there was a sort of record, beautiful memories are gone forever. This is where journaling comes in.

Journaling during pregnancy is an excellent way to remember fond and bittersweet memories. Experiences, photos, particular items that hold memories, and many others are perfect to go in the journal.

So, as a gift to a first-time mom, a Journal is definitely on the radar, and she’ll thank you in years from now.

As a suggestion, I recommend you get the 9-month journal. Each page is titled to cover a specific topic with space for filling in details. It’s a simple space to write about experiences, along with bullet-point questions. There is also a section for “by the trimester” and lines for each week.

The journal is gender-neutral and, more importantly, provides space to keep beautiful images such as ultrasound images. The last page of the album is left blank for the user’s preference and a little back pocket for a little extra picture.

A lot of users have given this journal a 5-star rating. It is a perfect first-time mom to be gift.


  • Letters To My Baby

This is the next best thing to the good old-fashioned letter writing. It holds a certain kind of thrill and is a perfect gift to give to an expectant mom, especially for the first baby.

Moms-to-be can pour out all her love for her yet unborn and put it into one big tumble of love letters. It gives so much room for a deeper connection between mother and child.

The above listed are few things you could give as gifts for the first trimester. Want to see what’s perfect for the second trimester? Read on.

For the second trimester, moms-to-be have started showing, so if you’re going to be presenting a gift in her second trimester, then it should be thoughtful and loving because the second trimester is a trying time for the soon-to-be mom.

For some of them, they are delighted. I mean, what could go wrong after morning sickness is over! Little do they know that some other pregnancy symptoms will become more pronounced from backaches to dried lips, constant spitting, enlarged breasts and hips, body striations, and of course, a newly protruding stomach that needs a balanced waist to sit on.

She needs to be as comfortable as possible, and I know just what she needs! Let’s see.


  • Full Body Pillow

In this trimester, the soon-to-be mom’s siesta is going to be punctuated with soreness and joints coming apart, heavy hips, and sudden bumps in her bed that she never noticed before now, and she’s going to be more than glad that she received this gift. She’ll thank you eternally!

This curvy and plush full-length pillow is so perfect to mute soreness and bodily pains.  It helps even to the point of soreness in the laps. It also has an adjustable add-on part, so comfy!

It is a wonderfully exquisite pregnancy gift and will last even past nine months. It helps her rest easy and deal with all that soreness.


  • Cosmetic Oil

Cosmetic Oil for pregnancy gift

While statistics show that about 50 to 90 percent of women who have passed through pregnancy must keep bearing stretch marks without any remedy, I bring good news!

One of the causes of stretch marks and bodily striations is pregnancy and childbirth, and this can most certainly be remedied with essential cosmetic oil.

Presenting cosmetic oil as a gift in the second trimester would help greatly. Bio-oil is a good choice.

Bio-oil has been proven clinically and recommended by dermatologists to help in repairing skin scars such as stretch marks.

It contains vitamin E, which is beneficial for skin health and appearance. This cosmetic oil helps repair scars without clogging your pores.

From the second trimester, daily application of Bio-oil all over that belly bump and waist area, and also on your already enlarged milk mounds, fades stretch marks and leaves behind nothing but continuously glowing skin.

Do your pregnant friends, sisters, or loved ones suddenly have an uncontrollable bout of stretch marks loitering all-around their round bodies?

Then use this gift and put them out of their worries, and they’ll be so happy. Nothing like a pregnant mom still confident about her body.

In the third trimester, pregnant women begin to feel more discomfort than ever because there is a lot of baby movement.

There is also the tightening of the uterus and frequent urination, as well as sleeping difficulty. Here’s what to give as presents that would ease this discomfort.


  • Fruit Baskets

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it dissolves in water and is not stored in the body. This makes it essential to be taken regularly, especially during pregnancy. It maintains the placenta’s proper functioning, strengthens the baby’s immune system, and helps the baby absorb iron for future use.

A good vitamin C source is a fruit; hence, making the fruit basket a perfect third-trimester gift.

The fruits that should be contained in the fruit basket are kiwi, strawberries, apricots, oranges, mango, pears, melon, banana, avocado, and many more.


  • Comfortable Shoes

As time goes by and the due date is drawing nearer, the pregnancy becomes more pronounced, and the weight of the bump increases. This, in turn, increases the stress on the legs of the pregnant woman.

At this point, more than ever, comfortable footwear is needed to make walking and standing more bearable. These wears could be flat shoes, sneakers, or even flip flop according to their preferences or occasion.


  • Compression Socks

In addition to the comfortable shoes mentioned, compression socks also go a long way in reducing swelling in the third trimester.

There are different compression levels of these compression socks for comfort. The socks also help provide the necessary heat for the leg, improve blood circulation, and ease leg aches.

The compression socks are good, but I recommend full leg compression hose made for pregnant women.

This is because the usual knee-length compression socks make the swelling accumulate at the knee, which could affect blood circulation. The compression hose keeps this from happening.


  • Timers

Why timers? You may ask. Well, her third trimester is here, and her feet are intent on becoming the size of her tummy.

These timers would help her remember to drink water frequently, pee frequently, and take a stroll around the house just as often to help her feet stay sane.

You could also get her a water bottle, to help her drink a lot. She’ll be glad.


  • Money to Buy What She Wants

This is a ‘gift’ that can never be overemphasized. Sometimes, what most moms-to-be need is some freedom to decide what she needs for herself so you can never go wrong with monetary gifts. You never know her silent cravings.


  • After Baby Kit

Baby care Kit pregnancy gift

Another great gift idea is an after-baby kit. Of course, it’s just a made up name, and you can fill this kit with various baby items like diapers, clothes, baby food, breast pumps, nursing bras, cute bibs, a baby walker, a flask, a baby bag, a baby rocker, a toy set, and lots more. You can never go wrong with these!

It won’t hurt to know what to get your pregnant loved one after birth, right? Let’s take a peek at that.





For someone who just gave birth, it might just seem like good manners when you bring the person food and other items, but you should know that it is quite more than that.

The first thing that might come to your mind when thinking of gifts to give a new mom after birth might be baby-related items. But here’s the thing; many people do that also, even the parents themselves, and they tend to forget the mother who gave birth to the baby.

Let yours be different, unique, and mother-targeted. Given that, I would be listing some gifts you can give to the new moms after birth.


  • Postpartum Compression Belts/Belly Wrap

After birth, the mother’s abdominal wall would be weak, and there is a tendency of swelling. Doctors also advise them to wear a postpartum girdle.

This would aid easy movement, reduce swelling, and give support to their lower back and core muscles. Gifting this would be a “just-the-right” present after birth.


  • Clothes

This could be stylish, comfortable wear such as gowns, or you could decide to get an oversized sized shirt with humorous write-ups. You know, your first-time-mom friend or colleague could use a little humor after going through the stressful process of child delivery.

An amusing, celebratory and flattering present for the new mom is a specially made and personalized tee-shirt with a comical message splattered across it in beautiful colors and fonts. She will coyly use these funny tees to tell the world she is proudly a mother.

Some write-ups for the shirts can be:

”my new name is mommy.”

”certified mom.”

“I’ve got a newborn.

And a lot more. The list goes on and on, never-ending. Some will make her laugh and cry simultaneously, and others will make her grin at the utmost silliness of it.

Yet still, others will make her nod viciously to the truth hidden in those words and make her glad.


  • Skincare Products

The skin of new moms would undergo many changes such as acne, pigmentation, and so on, and it would be a thing of delight for them to have the right materials to keep their skin in check.

Here’s what you can give as gifts: multivitamins, mild cleansers for the face, sunscreens, serum, body oil/moisturizers, night creams, face masks.

You could also give a gift card for the spa, which would take care of her body treatment.

One of the gifts that would be most cherished by a new mom is the one she receives from her husband.





What most moms genuinely want from their hubby after birth is assistance with the baby. This is most helpful, especially at nights, so that the mom can have peace of mind and good night’s rest. Apart from that, he can also get her some items. Read on to find out.


  • Make-Up Kit

One of the effects of the stress a new mom goes through is that she would hardly have time to care for herself, not to talk of going out to shop for beauty products. You, as her husband, should be able to meet up with her needs in this situation.

You could get her a good make-up kit so that she would not look like something the cat dragged in. Funny right? But I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.


  • Nursing Bra

Your wife would surely need one of these when she is feeding her newborn, that’s if she wants to breastfeed. This bra would enable her to breastfeed properly with no stress because it is easy to adjust and stretch, and in case she doesn’t want to breastfeed, you can get her a supportive sports bra instead.


  • Nursing Scarfs

Alongside the nursing bra, a nursing scarf also helps to make breastfeeding easier. This is very useful when your wife wants to breastfeed in public, and she needs a little privacy.

She can wrap it around her shoulders and cover herself up while attending to her baby.

We can’t neglect the baby now, can we? They are far too important to be overlooked.  





Getting a gift for the newborn seems like one of the easiest things to do but could also be confusing because there are many items to be considered when thinking of the baby.

Worry not. I’m here to help you through that. Read on to see the best gifts for newborns.


  • Baby Clothes

Newborns do not really need fancy clothes. What’s best for them is something that can give them a reasonable amount of heat/warmth.

In this sense, some clothes that can be given to the newborn as gifts are bodysuits, onesies, kimono tops, sleepers, baby leggings, rompers, bloomers, and so on. These clothes prevent the diapers from falling and provide body warmth.


  • Socks, Beanie Hats, and Swaddle Blankets

Together with the baby clothes, baby socks and beanie hats also provide warmth for the baby. The swaddle blanket would make the newborn feel secure, comfortable, calm, and most importantly, it protects them from slipping off from your hands.


  • Bibs and Baby Diapers

A bib is a garment worn, hanging on the neck. Babies usually use it because they drool a lot. The bib is also used to prevent food from spilling on the actual baby cloth. I recommend buying bibs made of cotton material because they are much more absorbent and soft.

A diaper is essential as part of a baby’s needed item. You can add this to your list when getting a gift for the baby. Even if the babies can’t talk yet, they sure would appreciate it in their hearts.


  • Baby Teether

This would bring relief to the mother when the baby starts teething. A teether is a toy a baby can chew on when teething. When buying this, make sure you pick the one that doesn’t have any part that could fall off because it could lead to choking.

Also, choose one that is long enough to reach the molars but not too long to prevent any potential harm.


  • Baby Cart/Stroller

This relieves the stress of the mother having to carry the baby all around. A cart or stroller is also very comfortable for babies.


We have talked about the mother and the baby. Don’t you think the father deserves something nice? I sure do.





The dad also has a role in making everything conducive to welcome the newborn into the world, and he sure deserves something, right? Let’s see what he can get as a gift.


  • Humorous T-Shirts

Like the mom, the dad can also be given a cute t-shirt that coyly announces his wife’s pregnancy. A funny write-up for the shirt is “the man behind the bump.” What an indirect way of announcing the baby’s arrival!


  • Books

The dad could use a little knowledge of pregnancy. Did I say little? Scrap that. He needs loads of information on pregnancy because there is no way he can understand the pain of delivery.

These pregnancy books, e.g., “the expectant father,” “dad jokes,” would explain pregnancy month by month and give him an insight on what his wife is feeling and how to assist.

It would also teach him how to communicate with his bundle of joy and bond even stronger with his wife and baby.


  • A Diaper Bag

This is the same as that of the baby’s mother but with a masculine style. Sometimes, the dad would have to take the baby out for a walk or something, and he might be too embarrassed to take his wife’s diaper bag for the baby.

This has got them covered because it is made specially for dads. It is an excellent gift to give an expectant dad.


Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms Pinterest

Final Words

There, all done! You now know the perfect gifts for all the parties involved. So, if your friend, relative, a colleague at work, or someone you care about is pregnant, especially for the first time, giving them any of these gifts will be incredibly thoughtful and loving.

It would make their 9-month wait lovelier than the day itself, and they definitely won’t be in a hurry to forget it!