Best Travel Potty Seats for Toddlers 2024: Top 10 Reviews

What early-stage experiences have you had with your child? Several, right? Well, potty training should be among them.

It’s a hard task; however, nobody wants their child to regress at whatever time.

Clearly, most toddlers quickly get attached to stuff or involvements; that’s why a kid mainly recognizes a potty they always use even during traveling.

Various conditions and circumstances might hinder a child’s caregiver from carrying your typical big potty.

As a result, one will resort to carrying several disposable diaper pieces as they move around.

Doing this is fine, but it might take you three or four steps back since you’ll have to reintroduce the potty after coming back from travel.

Therefore, how can you make the training work and serve your child consistently?

The best solution is buying a portable potty for the toddler to suit your needs.

By doing this, your little one won’t need reverting to diapers, no matter the location- home and away.

A travel potty for toddler is important for various reasons.

For instance, your child uses it to eases bowls whenever washrooms are unavailable. Again, they’re easy to use and carry around.

Having a portable potty seat is a more attractive choice, especially in places with public toilets.

Such potties are small-sized, unlike the regular big toilets that scare kids.

Remember, they rarely accumulate germs due to the high cleanliness provided by most parents and caregivers.

All these benefits should give you an urge to buy the best travel potty seat for toddlers.

This article helps familiarize yourself with various potty seats for kids. Please keep reading to learn more.



Top 10 Best Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers 2024




Factors to Consider When Buying Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers


Consider the following factors when buying a travel potty for toddler. They are.


  • Age & Weight

Similar to other kids’ items like clothing and shoes travel potty seats for toddlers are also grouped depending on the size, weight, and age.

Confirming what suits your child best is essential before purchasing. Use the child’s age to know the size and weight.

Pick what makes your child feel comfortable when using so they can take less time and get done.


  • Non-Slip

Children are busybodies; they’re very active and will rarely stay still.

Therefore, you should buy them a potty seat made of anti-slip pads and locks to prevent sliding.

The locks should be well fixed for tight-fitting and making the seat intact to avoid accidental falls.


  • Foldable & Portable

When choosing a potty seat to buy, ensure it’s the right design.

A foldable potty seat will ease storage and save space either in the car when traveling or at home.

It should also be lightweight and highly portable to carry around with you. The lightweight will ensure your child moves it without having to wait for your assistance.


  • Material Used in Potty Seat

A child’s skin is tender. Therefore, you need to buy a kids potty seat made of soft plastic that won’t deny your kid comfort. Most kids are always choosy.

This means they won’t be kind to going back to a potty with harsh material that pinched them or little burns on their small butt.

Additionally, anyone around to give care should keep checking to ensure the seat doesn’t have cracks at all times.

In case it’s made of a foldable seat, please make sure its hinges stay farther from the main seating area.



Top 10 Best Toddler Travel Potty Seats 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Travel Potty Seats for Toddlers Reviews

This blog contains multiple travel potty seats for toddlers. It’s meant to give guidance on what to look to buy the most suitable potty for your child.

The features and functions have been confirmed by previous customers, and the following are some of the reviews given. Please have a look.



#1. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

OXO Tot Go Best Toddlers Potty for Travel


If you need a dual function potty, go for the OXO tot2-in-1.

It’s an inexpensive potty that can stand on its own and use its disposable bag or put on a regular adult toilet.

It’s excellent as it can be used either in a public restroom or at home.

The travel potty can be carried to various events; longer trips, car trips, or emergencies.

The potty is also easy to quickly set up for use during an emergency. It’s convenient as the legs fold up to reduce in size for proper storage.

The legs also lock securely when you want to use it as a standalone.

When traveling, don’t forget to carry disposable bags. However, some previous users complain about the poor quality bags that come with it.

Again, it’s not that stable when used on regular toilets, and with a lower height when used alone. This means it can be problematic for use by big kids.


The Pros

  • Easy to quickly open during emergencies.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • Has foldable legs for combat storage.
  • Legs securely lock, enabling use as a standalone, same to public restrooms.


The Cons

  • It needs disposable bags when used on standalone.
  • Poor quality carry bags.
  • Lacks stability when used on regular adult toilets.
  • On standalone, it low to the ground, making it harder for bigger children.



#2. Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat

Jool Baby Folding Best Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers



Are you simply in need of a toddler toilet seat and not a separate potty for your kid?

If yes, then think the Jool Baby travel potty.

Therefore, it’s two-in-one, excellent for those wishing to use either from home or in public washrooms.

It perfectly serves well on oval or round-shaped toilets. The potty seat is highly recommended and sells highly in the market.

It’s among the best folding potty seats that can be folded and kept in a carry bag packed with it.

For this reason, you can carry and move around with it even during travel.

The potty seat is made of soft plastic material, making it lightweight and easy for your child to move it.

The seat bottom contains eight suction cups making it sturdy and durable. Your child will remain confident when seated with no concerns for sliding and falling.

Its body is BPA free, thus guarantees safety to the child.

In the market, you’ll find it in two colors; pink and aqua. Pick it as a travel potty option with a sleek design to amaze your child.


The Pros

  • It’s portable.
  • It can be folded for easy storage.
  • Made of BPA free material, thus safe.
  • The bottom part with eight cup suctions stabilizes it giving your child confidence.


The Cons

  • Only comes in pink and aqua.



#3. Gimars Folding Travel Potty Training Seat

Gimars Folding Best Travel Potty Training Seat



The Gimars travel potty is nicely designed like an owl. Its make will make your child enjoy peeing on it.

It’s uniquely made to fold and unfold and is available in a waterproof casing that can be carried all over.

Its seat perks are constructed from silicon stoppers that prevent your child from slipping, no matter how rough they wiggle.

It’s also made of a small space to teach a kid how to aim. The seat is stable.

It can’t fold itself or may collapse midstream, thus ensures child safety when using.

Many will say it looks girlish, but it’s more than average for boys.

The bad side is its multiple crannies and nooks that make it hard to easily clean.

The travel bag potty is difficult to maintain its cleanliness as it lets in germs from the seat to the outer parts.

A parent that doesn’t go along with germs should opt for a different potty or buy another carrying case.


The Pros

  • The owl design fancies kids to use.
  • Has a waterproof carrying case.
  • It can be folded for better storage and also unfolded.
  • Safe for your child as the folding has to be initiated.


The Cons

  • Easily attracts germs.
  • Has cleaning difficulties.



#4. Jionchery Portable Potty Seat with Splash Guard

Jionchery Portable Best Toddler Potty Seat for travel



The Jionchery is a great option if you’re looking to find convenience in toilet training. It’s the best folding potty seat for your baby.

It helps get fun for the child when relieving the bowls. It consists of six-piece anti-slip pads with two anti-skid locks at the bottom part.

This is good for securely maintaining the seat in place, no more wobbling to cause falls.

Additionally, it has a splash guard for keeping urine from splashing all over.

The Jionchery can be described as the best travel potty seat for boys as it functions to help a child know how to aim.

This can also stand great pressure and bear a larger weight amount, possibly 51lbs.

This lacks gaps at the joints, hence secures your child from pinches. It has no sharp edges or parts, making cleaning easier.

After cleaning, you can put it in its string bag and hang it safely on the wall for the next use. It can also be folded and unfolded with one hand.

It’s further fit for home and traveling due to its high portability.

Remember, it fits in most toilet sizes; therefore, don’t worry about the toilet types around.


The Pros

  • Contains anti-slip pads and locks for safety.
  • Bears a lot of weight-50lbs.
  • It’s portable.
  • Easy and safe to lean.
  • Has a splash guard for preventing urine from splashing.


The Cons

  • Lacks handles for holding while using.



#5. RafaLife Portable Toilet Training Seat for Toddlers

RafaLife Portable Best Toilet Seat for Toddlers



Everybody knows how inconvenient and risky using public toilets can be for an adult, but what about a kid? Tough, right?

It’ll be difficult for a small baby to step a foot in a regular toilet at potty training. It’s why you should buy them a toddler toilet seat for service at home and during travel.

They’ll be happy to be given their seat that’s travel-friendly and compatible with any other common toilet, no matter the same and size.

These desires can’t be accomplished without the Rafalife portable toilet seat.

Your child will appreciate the cartoon design making them get used to it. The skin’s safety is catered for by its plastic material body.

Moreover, its bottom side is loaded with eight non-slip pads keeping it locked tightly on the toilet seat.

This potty brand has high durability and doesn’t cause accidents whenever the child is using it.

It comes in various colors, including yellow, pink, blue, and white.


The Pros

  • Contains anti-slip locks.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Has a cartoon design to impress a child’s first look.
  • Portable and fits on various toilet types.


The Cons

  • May not perfectly fit around the toilet.



#6. MAGTIMES Portable Folding Large Non Slip Potty Seat

MAGTIMES Best Portable Folding Potty Seat



Is your young one in need of a home and travel potty? Well, choose the Magtimes portable folding large non-slip potty seat.

Your little one’s safety is paramount. This potty seat is made of safe material to protect the skin from irritation and damage.

Use it to avoid direct contact with your child’s skin with a regular public toilet.

The potty is also made without gaps at the joint to eliminate pinching.

It fits many toilets, thus assures confidence to the baby when using. It comes in the right small size, so your child doesn’t topple or fall.

Generally, its aesthetic design impresses toddlers to keep using it, thus easier training work.

The Magtimes toilet seat for toddlers is foldable and easy to store after using and cleaning.

It has a recyclable potty seat cover and suitable for both boys and girls.

The potty seat weighs 8.8 ounces, with dimensions measuring 7.6 by 5.31 by 2.09 inches.


The Pros

  • Harmless material for keeping the skin safe.
  • Lacks gaps, hence no pinches problems.
  • It’s foldable for easy storage.
  • Compatible with most public toilets.


The Cons

  • Doesn’t have handles.



#7. PITAYA Travel Portable Folding Potty Training Toilet Seat

PITAYA Best Travel Portable Folding Potty Training Toilet Seat



Kids usually fear transitioning from using potties to the common toilet majorly because of the big size.

That’s why you should give them the Pitaya travel potty.

It’s a foldable potty seat designed to take care of your child’s worries.

Its reduced gap makes a kid feel safe when attending calls of nature. The seat is lightweight, weighing 11.2 ounces.

A child can safely wiggle on the seat as much as they can due to the non-slip material used, preventing slipping.

This portable potty seat for public restrooms can simply be cleaned on the silicon pads with wet wipes after use in a general toilet.

They’ve got a reasonable price and can give more extended service if you take care and use them as expected.

The pad is stabilized by tabs fitting perfectly in the toilet seat.

Also, it comes with five disposable seat mats, which are individually packed for easy use and disposal.

The seat lacks gaps in its joints, making it tight and safer from possible skin pinching.

It’s suitable for babies weighing up to 25kgs or three years. Find it either in bright green or blue colors.


The Pros

  • Available in fancy designs to attract kids, owl, and frog.
  • Cleaning is easy with wet wipes.
  • It’s foldable, thus portable and light.


The Cons

  • It’s available without covers.



#8. Maliton Portable Potty Seat for Toddler Travel

Maliton Portable Best Potty Seat for Toddler Travel



The Maliton potty seat is another great choice for your toddler’s potty training.

Use it to attach to any regular shape or toilet size, and it won’t disappoint.

Be sure it’ll favor you when traveling for a vacation or on a long trip.

After use and cleaning, it can be folded and kept for future use. Training is a bit easy, especially with its frog design.

It’s because a child will mostly see it as a toy, thus frequently use making the attachment grow.

The seat is suitable for children aged one to six.

Furthermore, this toddler toilet seat comprises four silicon pads below it for decreasing friction that prevents sliding in case of possible movements.

Your baby’s skin is safe as the seat is made of polypropylene, which doesn’t cause irritation.

Cleaning is easy, after which you can store in its drawstring bag.

The storage is convenient birth in the house and when traveling because of the small space it takes.

Trust this bag to keep your kid away from germs even in public restrooms.


The Pros

  • Made of polypropylene that causes skin damage.
  • Saves storage space.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Sleek frog design to please your child.


The Cons

  • After use, one may have to wipe both the potty and toilet.



#9. Famard Portable Potty Training Seat

Famard Best Portable Potty Training Seat



If your kid will love having a potty with a splash guard, the Famard training seat is the top choice.

The market mostly lacks potties with splash guards.

Fortunately, the Famard gives that option and will, thus, spare you much work.

Other potty seats may be built with two or four silicon pad pieces that may not remain fixed when fitted on the toilet.

But, this model contains eight silicon pads that ensure tight-fitting.

It again has two anti-skid buckles on its seat.

That emphasizes keeping the seat intact and avoiding movements that may result in falls.

The splash guard prevents urine spillage. You can either have it or remove it when not needed.

Cleaning the splash guard and seat is easy; simply use soap and water. Baby wipes can also do.

It also contains no gaps; hence kids can’t have trouble sitting on the toilet. You’ll find it in blue and white colors.


The Pros

  • As a splash guard for preventing spilling urine.
  • It’s portable.
  • Contains eight silicon pads making it sturdy.
  • Has two non-skid buckles for proper fitting.
  • It’s easy to clean.


The Cons

  • Doesn’t in most regular toilets.



#10. Torlam Portable Travel Potty Seat

Torlam Best Portable Travel Potty Seat



The Torlam portable travel potty seat is available in green color. It’s made of frog design, this looks like a toy for the kid to play with.

This gives an easy training time as they’ll readily get used to it.

The bottom part comprises four anti-slip pads with two anti-slip locks.

These locks and pads function to keep the toilet intact, so the baby doesn’t move when using.

The material used to construct it guarantees safety- non-toxic and odor-free PP material. It’s bought with a carry bag for storing after folding into a smaller size.

Don’t worry about the different toilet sizes and shapes, this potty seat is compatible with almost all regular toilets.

When not in use, you can choose to hang it in the bathroom using its drawstring bag.


The Pros

  • Has anti-slip locks for proper fitting.
  • Contains a drawstring bag for carrying and hanging.
  • Its material is non-toxic and odor-free, hence safe.
  • It’s compatible with most toilet sizes and shapes.


The Cons

  • Some complain about sliding around on big toilets.



The Bottom Line

Taking care of a child comes with numerous hardships and challenges, especially during traveling.

From feeding to helping respond to calls of nature, all require you to be smart. Calls of nature, more so for kids, are always urgent and need no delay.

For this reason, you should buy your child a folding travel potty seat for convenience.

Folding travel potty seats for toddlers are an excellent option when traveling.

A reasonable parent will not allow their child to use any public toilet due to many alarming risks know.

For instance, nobody is sure when the public toilet was last cleaned, the previous users’ health conditions, among other essentials to consider. 

That’s why you need to carry your child’s potty seat for use in public.

Kids will never have concerns about the place for using them because they have bags responsible for collecting the pee and poo.

Additionally, they’re easy to clean and store for next time. You may probably have had confusion before due to the numerous designs, models, and brands found in the market.

This review contains ten different potty training options to help you make the right choice when buying one for your child.

Please go through it, and there’ll be no more second thoughts about traveling when an impromptu vacation comes your way.