How to Make a Baby Quilt: All Types Explained

Making baby quilts is a skill. It does not matter whether you are making them for fun, adventure, or for commercial purposes.

If you are stuck wondering how you will make a baby quilt, don’t worry anymore because you are in the right place. Several things are vital in making a baby quilt. They include.


  • Creativity

You must be a critical thinker to come up with baby quilt designs. Your designs should be unique and personalized.

Copying exact designs from other artists will make your quilts look like duplicates. Coming up with blending patterns will be a great way to showcase your creativity.

You can check different designs on the internet, take ideas from the best design and modify them in your own way.


  • Having A Basic Paperwork Plan

You need to plan the patterns of the baby quilt before starting to make it. You can scrabble the patterns on a piece of paper to act as a guide. Having a plan will help you avoid making mistakes while making the quilt.


  • Passion

The love of knitting and sewing will drive you into the success of baby quilting. If you have the passion, you will have dedication in quilt making. Your baby probably needs several baby quilts, with passion you will be able to make as many baby quilts as you want.


  • Commitment

You need to set a working schedule according to the time you have. You might have the creativity, paperwork, and passion but lack of commitment will make you fail in making baby quilts.

There are several ways to make baby quilts. Let’s divide this topic into several subtopics for a better analysis.


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Old is gold. The past always has a place in our hearts in so many ways. Why don’t you bring back the memories by making traditional baby quilts? Here are ideas we have compiled to get you started.


  • Vintage Baby Quilt Patterns

You can make a baby quilt using the fabrics of the previous decades. They are so classical and they have a touch of quality. If you are looking forward to statement-making, then vintage fabric materials should be your destination.

Examples of some of the common types of vintage baby quilt patterns include:


a) Patch Quilts

Patch baby quilts

Patch quilts are made with 19th-century fabrics. They have light tones which give an impression of chain patches. Bright colors are used in the knitting to make the quilt look attractive.


b) Cheery crisp baby quilts

Cheery crisp baby quilts

These are baby quilts made with cheerful patterns. They have a wide range of carefully blended matching colors. In most cases, they only have a few layers hence they are light in weight.


c) Checked Type Baby Quilts

Checked type baby quilts

These quilts are knitted with continuous parallel and horizontal patterns. The traditional patterns should be of different colors and styles. If you want to knit them exactly the traditional way, then you have to make sure that the quilt has several layers.


  • Simple Baby Quilt Patterns

These quilts are knitted with continuous parallel and horizontal patterns. The traditional patterns should be of different colors and styles. If you want to knit them exactly the traditional way, then you have to make sure that the quilt has several layers.

Traditional baby quilts were simple. There were no machines to sew extra detailed designs. The world is now complicated, and making a simple baby quilt design will be unique and special.

Simplicity should not be confused with poor quality or lack of resources. Actually, it is the simple things which are appreciated in the long run.

There are so many simple baby quilts designs you can think of making, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a pro.


Here are 3 common and simple traditional baby quilts you can make.


a) Crotchet teal baby quilts

Crotchet teal baby quilts

This is one of the simplest baby quilts to make. All you need is a crochet, some fabric strings, and basic knitting knowledge. Remember we are talking of simplicity; this means you should only use a maximum of three different fabric colors. Look at this pictorial example besides.


b) Uni-color baby quilts

Uni color baby quilts

As the name suggests, the baby quilt is made up of only one- color fabric. Making a quilt using different color threads is quite a process that is a bit complex. Making a one-color quilt will give your eyes the perfect outlook you desired. Mixing colors may color crash the quilt.

However, not all colors can stand on their own and make a good impression. Choose uni-colors which are relaxing to the eye. White, grey, light purple, and blue are good examples of such colors. Red might be ‘too shouting’ for a baby quilt.

Uni-color baby quilts

c) Single stripped baby quilts

Single stripped baby quilts

If you are thinking of making a traditional style baby quilt, this is definitely a good choice. It is simple and affirmative. You only need two or three different fabric colors or strings.

One-color should be dominant and the monotony broken occasionally by simple stripes. It is easy to make and with time, the more you make these simple striped baby quilts, you will gain experience to knit complex quilts.


  • Baby quilts with traditional, ancient, or symbolic drawings

Though different, we all have cultures. There are symbols, drawings, or paintings the people of the past valued. Maybe in your culture, the fore people valued animals and made sculptures and paintings of the same. Maybe it’s the sun, moon, and stars- cultures are so dynamic.

You can make baby quilts with patterns or symbols of what you and your people value. Have a look at the following ideas. They might open up your mind in choosing the baby quilt to make.


a) Nature baby quilt drawings

Nature baby quilt drawings

If you adore the sun, moon, stars, thunder, or even lightning, you can knit such patterns in your baby’s quilt. This will give you satisfaction whenever you holding your baby. Knitting a bright

and smiling sun in the quilt will even make the baby love it!

Wrapping your toddler, a quilt bearing a crescent moon will signify it is the time to sleep.

Baby quilts with symbolic

b) Baby quilts with symbolic drawings

Not all drawings are meant for fun. Some symbolize power, love, mightiness, believes, etc. you can knit symbols you treasure in your baby’s quilt.

Historical research reveals that in ancient Egypt, baby quilts had symbolic patterns in them.

They knitted patterns of their gods to the baby quilts to have their young ones protected. The royal family had their baby quilts knitted the symbols of power.

You can think of a symbolic pattern and make a baby quilt of your choice.





Thanks to technology! Making baby quilts has been simplified by the introduction of sewing machines. Just a touch of a button and you have your quilt.

Mechanization paved the way to the sewing of more detailed quilts within a short period of time. If you want to sew a modern baby quilt, here are ideas and options you can rely on.


  • Complex baby quilt designs

In this digital era, there is sometimes no need to maintain simplicity. Since the making of the baby quilts is by a machine, think of a complex design pattern that will showcase your creativity.

You just have to get real and practical with the fabric colors to come up with a color blending quilt.

Here are examples of common complex baby quilt patterns you can think of.


a) Eye overload baby quilts

Eye overload baby quilts

This type of baby quilts has so many different patterns in them blended harmoniously hence the name ‘eye overload.’ It is not a must for the patterns to be repeated, the priority here is having as many patterns as possible.

You should use at least 5 different fabric colors or strings. The most important thing to consider is the aspect ratio of the patterns. Although they are different, they should have the same measurements to enhance the look of the baby quilt.


b) Scrappy baby quilts

Scrappy baby quilts

These are baby quilts with similar shaped patterns, but of different colors, and keep recurring but at different angles. The patterns are made to fit in a lovely and appealing manner. There are complex to make and they require pattern calculations and sewing experience.

Have a keen look at this pictorial example to get an idea of what we are talking about.


c) Parterre baby quilts

Parterre baby quilts

These are baby quilts with similar shaped patterns, but of different colors, and keep recurring but at different angles. The patterns are made to fit in a lovely and appealing manner.

There are complex to make and they require pattern calculations and sewing experience.

Have a keen look at this pictorial example to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Parterre baby quilts have a centralized whole pattern, with the edges surrounded by similar but incomplete patterns.

The central pattern is always the main theme with the incomplete sideway patterns complementing the quilt.

In most cases, the colors of the central pattern are different from the edge patterns to bring diversity to the sewing.


  • Baby quilts with modern artwork

Art is a form of expression. Some artwork denote passion towards something, expresses feelings or desires, can be used for statement-making and even conveying a message. This means that there so many different types of artwork baby quilts. You just have to get creative to make one.

You can include patterns of your favorite artwork in the making of your baby’s quilt. Here are 3 baby quilts made with modern artwork patterns.


a) Solid but simple artwork baby quilt patterns

Solid but simple artwork baby quilt patterns

In this case, the baby quilt has a similar artwork theme repeated throughout. The artwork can be of anything, although, the aspect ratio should be relative to have the pattern repeated severally. The artwork theme must be maintained.

However, the repeated artwork can vary slightly. You should use at least 3 different fabric colors in the artwork patterns to break the monotony and bring diversity.

If you look at our example here, you will notice that the theme of the baby quilt is of feathers. The feather patterns are not exactly the same and this adds realism.


b) Artistic background baby quilts

Artistic background baby quilts

If you are not too good at art, don’t worry, we have a simple art idea. You can insert inconclusive art patterns to the baby quilt.

Artistic background painting involves making drawings that are meant for fun and cannot convey a message. The different artistic drawings are made to blend harmoniously. Most of the time, the patterns are not repeated.

The artistic baby quilt patterns have different colors. It is s important to use colors of matching fabric to make this baby quilt exciting to look at.


c) Animal quilt patterns

Animal quilt patterns

Babies love animals. You can add patterns and designs of the animals your baby loves to her quilt. There are vast categories of animal quilts to choose from. You can decide to include and center only one animal.

Similarly, you can have a repeated pattern of the same animal in the baby quilt. Alternatively, you can decide to have several animal patterns in the quilt. It is good to note that the color of the animal patterns should be bright for easy visibility.

Animal baby quilt style

  • Baby quilts with patterns of what you love and treasure

Animal baby quilt patterns

We all have preferences. If you are thinking of making a baby quilt for your little angel, why not include the patterns you adore?

However, you have to remember that we are talking about making baby quilts. Baby quilt patterns should be relaxing and entertaining to the baby.

Maybe you love dragons, nothing wrong with that, including such a pattern in the baby’s quilt might scare her away and end up hating the piece of cloth.

You have to be realistic with the patterns. Here are some loving ideas you can think of.


a) a loving message pattern to your baby

loving message pattern Baby Quilt

In this modern world, there are so many symbols that pass messages. A red heart symbolizes love. You can think of having gifting your baby such a quilt. Whenever you wrap her the quilt, it will symbolize the love and affection towards her.

Similarly, you can engrave written messages in the baby quilt. The messages should be short and precise.

Remember that even one word can convey a message. Examples of words you can use include: love, prince, princess, king, queen, love of my life, my little happiness, etc.


b) Shape Patterns that you love

Shape Patterns Baby Quilt

Personally, I love circles. If someone asks me why I love them, I will be stuck with no valid explanation. I just love them! I am sure there must be a certain shape you love.

Maybe in your case, you love squires, star shapes, trapeziums…. Name them all. Don’t be stranded overthinking of the pattern to include when making a baby quilt. You can easily modify shapes you love into patterns. Let’s look at 2 common shape patterns.


  • Integrated Shape Patterns

Integrated shape patterns Baby Quilt

Several shapes can be integrated to come up with divine patterns. The different shapes should have different colors to make them stand out as they intertwin, look at our pictorial example here.

The theme shape is of circles. The circles are further divided into several interior smaller circles of different fabric colors. Star shapes then complement the patterns.

This is creativity. Have a basic plan of intertwining your shapes to have good patterns.


  • Repeated Shape Patterns

Repeated shape patterns Baby Quilt

If you don’t want to incorporate several shapes together, you can stick to one shape and still be creative. To make your patterns look more eye-catching, you need to use different fabric colors in the sewing.

This baby quilt here has the same shape patterns running throughout. Look at the creativity included in its making- you can source ideas from it.


  • Storytelling pictures patterns

Storytelling pictures patterns Baby Quilt

Did you buy your toddler baby storybooks? Definitely. You can extend the stories by making baby quilts with the cartoon pictures found in the storybooks. Your baby will love it.

The pictures should not necessarily come from storybooks, you can even extract baby stories from your religion, so long as your baby can or will later relate when he is of age.

To avoid meandering away from the theme of storytelling, the baby quilt should only have one or a maximum of three pictures.

Storytelling pictures style Baby Quilt





It is vital to have basic knowledge of quilt sizes if you want to venture into quilt making. As an artist, you have to be creative and come up with unique outputs. These baby quilt sizes are meant to guide you but not to lock you.

You have the freedom to alter the sizes so long as your measurements are proportional. The following are baby quilt sizes that are commonly suggested.


  • Newborn baby quilts

They are typically square-shaped. Their measurements range from 85 cm / 33 inches to 130 cm / 51 inches by 85 cm / 33 inches to 130 cm / 51 inches. Newborns baby quilts have several layers to provide adequate warmth to the baby.


  • Crib baby quilts

They are rectangular shaped per the crib shape. Their measurements correspond with the measurements of the crib mattress.

In most cases, these baby quilts range between 37 inches / 95 cm by 49 inches / 125 cm and 53 inches / 135 cm by 59 inches / 150 cm.


  • Toddler bed quilt

They are rectangular with respect to the shape of the bed. Their measurements should correspond to the size of the toddler mattress. The average measurements are in the range of 47 inches / 120 cm by 70 inches 180 cm by 66 inches / 170 cm by 86 inches / 220 cm inches.


  • Lap baby quilts

They are either rectangular or squire shaped and the choice entirely depends on your decision. You can make your baby’s quilt in any size that will be comfortable with you.

The choice should be influenced by how you plan to use the baby quilt. A light cover quilt should be relatively small as compared to lap duvet quilts.


  • Twin Baby Quilt

You can have a baby quilt that runs twice the baby. Such baby quilts are light in weight. They are meant to be multipurpose.

When the temperatures are high, the twin baby quilt can be used as a normal lap quilt. During cold days or winter, the same quilt can be used to wrap the baby twice to provide warmth.





Baby boy quilts are different from the one of the girls. They should be tailored in line with the lifestyles and activities that circulate boyhood.

The baby boy quilt patterns should have inspiration from the behaviors and things that the boy child values.

Here are insights into ideas that will help you in making baby boy quits.


  • The fabrics should be of bright colors

Baby Quilt fabric

Boys are known to be active. Research conducted by The American Academy of Pediatrics reveals that 89% of baby boys prefer items of clothing, beddings, and quilts with bright patterns. If you are planning on making a quilt for your baby boy, don’t be afraid to try different fabric colors and strings.

However, you should be very keen on the choice o the bright colors. Some colors do not blend and
making a baby quilt out of them might make it scary to the eyes.


  • Making sports and games patterns in the baby boy quilts

sports and games patterns baby boy quilts

Boys are playful right from an early age. You can introduce your baby to the world of sports and games by making a quilt with such patterns. There are so many games and sports where you can choose the patterns from.

The most common ones include football, basketball, hockey, rugby, skiing among others. You can choose to incorporate patterns of different sports in a quilt, or stick to patterns of a particular sport.


  • Adventurous baby quilts and patterns

Adventurous baby quilts and patterns

Baby boys are always on the move. The curiosity of adventure and invention is inseparable from them. The patterns should be simple to help convey a message. Adventures baby quilts should only have a few fabric colors and that is relaxing to examine.


  • Sewing toy patterns on the baby boy quilts

Sewing toy patterns on the baby boy quilts

If you have a baby boy, you probably have purchased him a vehicle and machinery toy. You can extend this play mood by making him a quilt with cars and trucks patterns. Wrapping him in such a quilt will keep his spirits high.





Baby girls are always treated like princesses and queens. The patterns should reflect this. Both complex and simple patterns go well with girls. Purple and pink fabric colors should not miss in your baby girl’s quilt.

These two colors, purple and pink, are referred to as royal colors. You can blend them with the other basic colors to come up with the kind of patterns that you want. Have a look at these baby girl quilt making ideas.


  • Sewing patterns of flowers in the quits

Sewing patterns of flowers baby quits

Flowers are symbols used to show love. Girls are sensitive to affection and constantly need the reassurance of the same. By instincts, a quilt knitted with colorful flower patterns is expected to be of a girl. You can show love to your little princesses by making him a such baby quilt.


  • Engraving messages of love in the baby quilt

Engraving messages of love in the baby quilt

Knitting or sewing words of love and affection send a similar message as the flower patterns. They show the value that people hold towards them.


  • Having Doll Patterns in the Baby Quilts

Baby girls always have their little daughters and sons to play around with (dolls.) you can linger the play mood by making a baby quilt with patterns of dolls. The patterns should be of different types of dolls and the fabric colors should be diverse.