Best Baby Scales of 2024: Top 10 Reviews

Many parents find nursing a baby to be a delightful task, but very unpredictable.

Every infant through a normal growth curve following different stages with changes in body behavior and activities.

Eventually, these stages head to maturity. It’s not obvious that a child will grow normally as expected.

Some may develop issues, making them deviate from the usual growth curve. An example could be a sick child or troubles related to feeding.

It’s up to the parent to quickly notice any obstacles and find a way of countering it as early as possible.

Immediately after birth, professionals ensure they note down any early observations by looking at the infant’s physical condition.

Taking the baby’s weight is among the first things considered after birth. A problem is noticed first when its weight is below normal.

It shows the baby already has a high chance of being vulnerable to illnesses.

Such infants also have a great risk of suffering temperature irregularities and sometimes breathing difficulties.

That’s why parents need consistency in taking the baby’s weight to track their health progress.

You should find the best way to weigh a baby at home using an infant weight scale.

Having the best baby scale is essential for getting a baby’s measurements throughout all the developmental stages.

Keeping an infant scale in the house is necessary for parents and doctors to keep track of your baby’s requirements.

This article contains reviews of the best infant scale that a nursing mother should buy. Please continue reading to understand more about them.


Top 10 Best Baby Scales of 2024





Factors to Consider When Buying the Baby Scale


Different scales have different features making them vary from each other.

There are two scale types, namely baby and mother scales. The two are designed similarly to other regular scales.

The scale begins by measuring the mother’s weight and keeps the record, then it notifies that when it’s time for taking the child’s weight.

The mother steps back, after which she holds the baby in the arms for their weight to be taken on the same scale.

This scale automatically records their total weight and subtracts that of the mother to get the child’s.

These scales not only benefit using on your infant, but it also helps measure weight when your child outgrows.

For these reasons, you need to buy a baby weigh scale with the best features to serve longer without compromising its functions.

The following are some of the considerations to put in mind when buying a baby weighing scale. They include;


  • Weight Capacity

Every scale has a maximum weight it takes. The same applies to baby scales. Some baby scales weight up to a limit of 45 pounds.

The longer the scale serves you, the more the child’s weight can be taken for checking your child’s health progress.

It’s useful to confirm the weight capacity the scale you buy carries to avoid buying another scale when your child grows bigger and starts weighing more than the one bought.


  • Size of the Tray

The tray is the area where the infant is placed when taking the weight measurement. Three main factors are considered here; comfort, versatility, and safety.

It mainly calls for the scale’s size and that of the baby. It should be a cool size enough to provide comfort to the baby.

Comfort will keep the baby calm to have accurate readings taken.

Ensure the curvature is big enough for safety keeping the child at the scale’s center position.

Though, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep a hand on your infant’s body just for more safety.


  • Anti-Slip Grips

Most scales are placed on a flat surface such as a table before laying your baby for measuring.

Therefore, it requires anti-skid material at the bottom to prevent the scale from sliding off due to movements caused by your baby.


  • Go for Battery Operated Scale

A lot of scales need a power source to operate accurately. It’s good you go for those powered by a battery source.

It’s easier when using such to help utilize it from wherever you wish. It’s an important factor as it is great for weighing the baby before and after meals. it doesn’t matter where they’ll have their meals from.

We know how easily batteries drain and may not be as reliable.

However, scale batteries last longer, they don’t drain easily. They, unfortunately, die without giving a warning. That’s why you need to always carry a backup with it.



Top 10 Best Baby Scales 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Baby Scales Reviews

The following are product reviews for various baby scales.

A great number of nursing mothers and parents generally have expressed their experience with the products’ performances.

That’s why we came up with this review. It’s relevant to help you make the best decision when purchasing one for your infant or toddler.

Some comments were positive, whereas a few came out negative. Have a look and make a choice for yourself. They are;



#1. Health o Meter Grow with Me 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale

Health o Meter Grow with Me Best Baby to Toddler Scale



The Health o Meter Growth with me is a toddler scale meant for taking your child’s weight.

It’s among the most popular scales for acting its function just as predefined in the market.

The scale is almost similar to the salter scale except for what’s inside its package.

It’s built plastic design material with a curved tray.

You can remove the curved tray from the top to display the other half that contains a viewing screen that records measurements.

When exposed, this lower part contains an adorable teddy bear feature that your child will love.

The Health o Meter scale weighs up to 66 pounds. It’s actually among the long-lasting scales in the market.

Its base has four buttons with an LCD screen. This screen records a weight that’s half-ounce the accurate weight.

The four buttons have a feature that freezes the baby’s weight to find a better reading.

Additionally, it has a zero out button that automatically subtracts the clothes and blankets’ weights.

It can calculate measurements in both kilograms and pounds.

It’s loaded with Growth Chat Book to enable keep your baby’s weight recordings for progress checking.


The Pros

  • Weighs up to 66 pounds.
  • It’s the most accurate baby scale.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Can transform from a tray to standing scale.
  • The design is adorable.


The Cons

  • It’s very sensitive to movements




#2. Salter Baby to Toddler Scale


Salter Baby and Toddler Best baby Scale



Salter baby scale has a plastic tray with additional comfort and security for your toddler.

The tray measures 21.5” by 10” and holds up to a maximum of 44 pounds.

It also has a hold function button for keeping the baby’s weight displayed despite movements caused.

Even if you added more weight, it’d display the extra item’s weight without tempering what is already recorded as the child’s weight.

It’s zero functions give the real weight by subtracting the weight of blankets or diapers from accurate reading.

Again, it has an auto-shutoff button for saving power. It senses inactivity and turns off to conserve energy and money.

The scale is convertible- can be changed into a toddler scale by removing the tray. It also has an LCD of 1.2 inches for viewing the readings.

The baby and toddler scale has a battery for power that needs a 9V battery to begin working.

Its cradle is removable to allow for storage, cleaning, or utilizing it as a baby scale.


The Pros

  • Has a good value for its price.
  • Has an auto-shutoff feature.
  • A clear reading of display.
  • The tray is well-fitted for keeping the baby safe and comfortable.


The Cons

  • Needs bulky and heavy 9V batteries.




#3. MOMMED Multi-Function Baby/Toddler Scale

MOMMED Multi Function Best Baby to Toddler Scale



MOMMED Multifunction baby scale is also among the digital weighing scales. It plays various roles, including measuring pets and babies.

Additionally, it has a big weight range. It can comfortably measure between 11 lbs and 220 lbs.

It’s very accurate with an allowance of minus or plus ten. The precision could be higher for babies because even the least changes bring a very significant difference.

Its LCD display has a widescreen making it easy to read the numbers.

One can still read it at night because it’s lit up. Unlike other curved trays, this scale is almost flat.

Its lip is, however, very stable. What you need most is being present to supervise your child’s safety.

It also has the hold and tare buttons, just like most baby scales. It’s packed with free batteries for direct use after installing.


The Pros

  • Contains curved edges for fitting anywhere.
  • Large LCD screen with backlights for viewing in the dark.
  • Packed with AAA free batteries.
  • Functional buttons; tare and hold.


The Cons

  • The tray isn’t curved, may be inconvenient for the baby.




#4. GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale

GreaterGoods Smart Best Baby Scale



If you need a baby scale choice that accomplishes all your needs, go for GreaterGoods smart baby scale.

It’s a baby weighing scale giving very accurate numbers and settles the algorithm locks every child, including the squirmiest.

It’s a two in one scale that considers your child’s growth. If the top tray is taken off, it weighs up to 66 lbs.

If you buy it on Amazon, you can enjoy the full backup support by St. Louis headquarters- you can inquire about anything needed.

They also provide related videos to help know how to use the scale. More specifications are the dimensions.

It weighs 6.2 pounds and measures 13.2 by 12.2 by 3.1 inches. It also uses four AAA batteries.

It contains a large backlight display for easier reading. Like most others, it converts the weight into various units such as kgs, ounces, lbs, and pounds.


The Pros

  • Large LCD Backlit display.
  • Easy to tare button for giving the ideal weight.
  • The hold feature takes measurements despite the baby’s wiggling.
  • Records the baby’s height and weight.


The Cons

  • Not very comfortable for the baby when weighing.




#5. Beurer Digital Baby Scale

Beurer Digital Best Baby Scale



If you need a baby scale that’s easy to store and travel with, choose the Beurer Digital scale.

It has a slim design with a comfortable and curvy tray to keep your child relaxed when weighing. It also has an integrated screen inside its tray.

Whichever area you decide to place, it’ll sit flat and comfortably. It weighs up to a limit of 44 pounds.

The weight can be converted into ounces and kilograms if you wish. You’ll view this weight displayed at its front on an LCD screen.

It comprises all the regular properties a normal scale should have. For example, it has two buttons near the LCD screen.

One of them is a hold button that holds the child’s weight even when they wiggle.

The other button plays the tare function, which allows blankets and clothes addition, and the weight gets subtracted to get that of the child.

It also has an auto-shutoff characteristic to minimize power when not in use.

This scale best suits one looking for a small and lightweight product that’s easy to store. You can slip it under the bed or on a shelf’s side.


The Pros

  • It contains tare and holds button functions.
  • The accuracy goes up to 18 ounces.
  • Easy for storing and traveling.


The Cons

  • Not among the most accurate scales.
  • The scale isn’t raised well enough above the ground, hence may get your baby rolling down if you don’t keep your limbs on them.




#6. Unicherry Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale

Unicherry Multi Function Digital Best Baby Scale



The Unicherry is a digital baby scale that serves various purposes, including weighing pets, children, adults, infants, and babies.

It also has a height scale in the tray, therefore, it can take your baby’s height.

It also has a hold button for ensuring accurate readings are taken despite movements by the person being weighed.

It can accommodate up to 44 pounds, and the scale provides the reading directly.

The digital scale has high accuracy with various buttons such as the zero function, hold button plus switches to lbs., ounces, or kilograms.

Moreover, it has two swivel locks at the tray’s bottom for easy locking with the scale.

It comes with free batteries for immediate use after installation so you can measure the baby or pet.

Its LCD is large in size, having backlight and properly distinct readings on display. You can easily read the numbers from any angle, standing, or in darkness. 


The Pros

  • Innovative design.
  • The tray has a weight measurement.
  • High accuracy.


The Cons

  • Not study enough.




#7. Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale

Smart Weigh Comfort Best Baby Scale



Do you feel delighted when holding your baby in the arms?

This Smart Weigh scale helps have the child’s measurements without having to release them from your arms.

You only click the tare button at the scale’s center, and the relevant buttons will blink.

It starts by showing a mother’s icon, meaning it’s your turn to measure the weight.

It then records your weight. Next is both of you to have your total weight taken by simply stepping back on the scale.

The scale is designed to calculate the difference between the two weights to give that of the baby.

The scale’s weight is about two pounds and contains bright blue lighting at its KLCD screen for clearer reading.

It can accommodate around 440 pounds, which can be changed into kilograms, pounds, or ounces.

The scale serves perfectly for moms wanting to weigh their children after feeding because that’s when they mostly fall asleep.

It gives ample time to calmly take readings without too many movements that might destruct the activity. It’s the best baby scale for breastfeeding.


The Pros

  • LED screens are bright and with a clear understanding.
  • May serve as a bathroom scale for family members.
  • Ready to tare feature enables a parent to hold the baby as they check the weight.


The Cons

  • No readings are given in ounces- most common units in baby scales.




#8. Tanita 1584 Baby Scale

Tanita 1584 Best Baby Scale



Tanita 1584 is a newborn scale for measuring babies’ weights. It provides a generous weight capacity of 20 kilograms for professional and home use.

It’s composed of several functional buttons for ease when using—for example, zero function, auto power-off button, and weight lock-in.

The zero button helps subtract the extra weight from blankets used for padding the baby or diapers.

On the other hand, the weight lock-in button is excellent for giving the accurate weight even if the pet or baby keeping shifting positions on the scale.

Its auto power off button helps shut it down to save on. Its sturdy made body makes sure it serves you for years.

It has a convenient switch for changing from one unit to the next such as pounds to kilograms. The tray can be removed for ease when cleaning.


The Pros

  • Contains auto function buttons.
  • Sizeable tray for the baby’s comfort.
  • Great range of weighing units.


The Cons

  • Not having the best value for money.




#9. AFENDO Baby Scale

AFENDO Best Baby Scale



AFENDO baby scale is among the best weight scales that lie flat when laid on the table.

It contains four rubber nubs underneath for preventing slipping when weighing the little champ. Its comfort is in the curved tray.

The maximum weight it can carry is 20 kilograms, with the scale weighing up to around a tenth-ounce accuracy.

Weight is converted into ounces, pounds, or kilograms. More features are like the large LCD screen at its front for showcasing the weight taken.

Each of its sides contains two buttons- one is for tare function, and the other is for holding.

The former means you can add paddings o blankets for more comfort without adding more unnecessary weight to the ideal one.

The latter plays the role of giving accurate results despite the child moving from side to side.

It also contains a battery indicator for informing when its power s getting low. It automatically shuts down to save energy.

It’s decent for its price. We can say it’s a cheap baby scale that’s useful despite having a few setbacks.

Depending on how you use the scale, it might consume several batteries in a month, and replacing them may be challenging because they’re not typical.


The Pros

  • Has tare and hold functioning buttons.
  • It’s lightweight for traveling and easy storage.
  • Measures up to nearly a tenth-ounce.


The Cons

  • Short battery life.
  • The scale’s sides aren’t tall enough to keep your little one safe from rolling off to the floor easily.
  • It uses the round button battery and not the usual types.




#10. AccuMed Baby Scale

AccuMed Best Baby Scale



The AccuMed baby scale measures both weight and height. It can take a height of up to 70 cm. It has a big LCD screen to enable easier viewing of the height or weight readings.

The scale serves multiple functions, including measuring weights for children, adults, and pets.

It can hold up to 200 lbs. The scale has four precision sensors, including a tare function, hold button, auto power-off, and others.

It contains a tare function for you to zero out the readings for a more precise number. It uses AA batteries and comes with a user guide manual. The scale weighs 4.54 kgs.

Buying any AccuMed product forever guarantees the buyer a 30-day money return plus a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Additionally, you get lifetime support from the company’s biotech.


The Pros

  • Has four efficiency sensors.
  • Has a large LCD display for better viewing.
  • Gives lifetime support from the company’s biotech.


The Cons

  • Exhibits some kind of fragility.




Final Verdict

As a new parent, it’s essential to get your child one of the best baby scales in the market.

They are good for helping understand a baseline for your kid’s health and wealth.

It’s vital for keeping you posted on whether something is wrong and needs urgency or good that requires proper maintenance.

The above review is meant to update you about what to expect when deciding to purchase a baby scale for your infant.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need your doctor at all. No, you’ll still have to go for every appointment your infant has with the medical professionals.

The scale is purposely for taking measurements from home to help track your child’s progress health-wise.

Any changes noticed need to be taken to the pediatrician or medic who can explain any risks experienced.

They’ll help give information and provide a good action plan for sorting your baby’s health.

For this reason, you should get the best baby scale for weighted feeds to get all information on how the child is doing.

By doing this, you’d have increased your toddler’s chances of growing up nice and strong with happiness.