Best Baby Hair Brushes of 2024: Top 10 Reviews

Since the baby’s hair is delicate, the brush used should provide comfort and a soothing feeling for the skull. Most kids are born with light hair while others with rough locks. It is vital to have the best baby hair brush for the child to avoid any irritable feeling.

Children can lose their baby hair if it’s not properly taken care of.

As a mother, it’s your responsibility to examine how you brush your infant’s hair, hence choosing the right brush is critical.

In this article, we will look over the various brushes and their reviews. We analyze the factors to consider before heading to that store to get a suitable brush for your child.

When you get the best hairbrush, you can generalize its usage to include scrubbing the baby’s skin that has a rush.

Getting a brush with good enclosing is crucial for preventing any possible attack by bacteria. Let’s dive right into it to understand the right things to consider in a baby hairbrush.


Top 10 Best Baby Hair Brush of 2024





Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Baby Hair Brush


You don’t just go to the store and pick a baby hairbrush, hell no! You have to carefully check the features and choose the one appropriate for your baby.

A newborn baby will need a very soft and smooth edge for the brush because their skull is delicate.

You cannot imagine harming and scratching your lovely child in the name of using any baby brush.

Carefully study the type of hair your child has and then match it with a brush appropriate for that particular hair.

The following are some features to look for before having the best baby hairbrush. They include:


  • The Bristle of the Hair Brush

Having a tender and natural bristle for the newborn baby brush is the key to enjoying the bath times.

You have to study the hair so that you can match it with an effective scrub. For instance, if the hair is rough, in which in most cases, it usually soft, get the dense bristles.

Make sure they are firmly fixed, and they don’t fall off with a smooth application. You are prone to harming your child if the hair is rough. Their edges are naturally laid on small applications of water.

Choosing the baby hairbrush for edges is essential because they are direct to their soft skin.

If you are not conversant with the brushes, opt for the natural bristles instead of getting your child at risk of scratches.


  • The Handle of the Hair Brush

This is the part that will help you in gripping the brush to offer the best service. Some babies’ hair can be length while others are born with short ones.

Getting a brush with a long handle is vital so that you will not strain if you hold it for a long time.

If it’s smooth, it will not hurt you, but this should be minimal to avoid the slipping effect form your hand.

It would be best if the handle is convenient for holding. The type of hair on the baby will determine the strength of the grip so that it can have the best support while combing it.


  • Usability

Have you bought a baby brush before only to find out that it cannot just be used? Well, the problem might stem from its ineffectiveness of the parts.

It could be inappropriate for the type of hair, and this is difficult to adjust. You don’t have to waste cash on buying a brush and throw it because of how ineffective it is.

A baby comb should provide the best relaxing effect and stimulate the central nervous system. This requires that the brush is suited for the baby’s hair to avoid straining while combing.

Test the effectiveness of a brush before using one on your child’s hair. You can use it in your baby’s hair because it has the same texture as their hair.


  • Hypoallergenic Standard   

The brush should not have any side effect on the head of the infant. It’s essential the product is certified safe and that it has no allergy effect on the baby.

A newborn hairbrush should have the least irritability on its skin. They are sensitive and any unwanted chemical is ineffective for their health.

Generally, the brush is supposed to be washed with warm water to kill any possible bacteria or viruses in the bristles.

Hyper allergenic brushes can cause rashes or wounds on the baby, making it hard for them to stay calm.

They will end up yelling, and this is probably every mother’s nightmare. The regulatory body of the United States indicates a label to prove that the product is standard certified.


  • Ease of Cleaning 

The material used to make the brush should have the ability to be cleaned effectively. Plastic brushes are preferred because polyvinyl chloride does not rust.

The baby brush should not have inlets for the accumulation of dirt between the bristles.

If they are dense, they will make it difficult to clean, and the easiest thing to do is selecting the ones with thin hairs.

The hairbrush plate should provide enough surface for the bristles to be washed individually.



Top 10 Best Baby Hair Brushes 2024 Reviews

Top 10 Best Baby Hair Brushes Pinterest       

The customers used some baby brushes and left their reviews on some of them. They discussed on the ones they preferred and recommended their usage. Some of the best baby hairbrushes include:


#1. Natemia Wooden Baby Hairbrush

Natemia Quality Wooden Best Baby Hair Brush for Newborns



This is a baby hairbrush that is made up of a wooden handle. The bristles material is formed from goat hair, making it one of the most natural baby brush. It comes in an attractive package if it’s ordered from amazon.

The bristles are smooth and suited for a newborn baby. You don’t have to worry about your baby reacting with the Natemia wooden brush. It is gentle to the skin, and the oil applied on hair is spread effectively.

You can be sure that the baby is safe, and there will be no buildup of cradle cap. It is the best baby brush for cradle cap prevention.

Due to the gentle goat’s hair, you can be sure that the scalp is well massaged without worrying about hurting their delicate skin.

Because of its attractive packaging, it is used as a present for other new mothers. If the baby reacts with the brush, Amazon guarantees an automatic refund for the cash.

However, these cases are minimal because goat’s hair compliments each baby’s skin. It is beautiful when used as a component in a baby brush kit set and a piece of decorative equipment in their room.


The Pros

  • It is easy to brush your baby’s hair because of its gentle feeling. You can be sure the goat hair is soft and provides an enjoyable feeling.
  • It is safe with antibacterial features, and it cannot react negatively with skin. There is no possibility of rashes on the infant’s scalp, unlike the synthetic brushes.
  • It comes in beautiful packaging, and the handle is soft, so you won’t strain if your child’s hair is long.
  • Prevents the possibility of the formation of dandruff on the child’s skull. It is used to rub off the cradle cap because of its gentle feeling.


The Cons

  • The bristles are not firmly held in the brush, and can they start falling apart. The durability is not guaranteed because, in the long run, it’s made out of goat’s hair, which is extra soft.
  • It’s expensive to buy, and the quality is compromised.
  • It is not appropriate for thick hair because the bristles will fall apart due to the extra pressure applied to the skull.





#2. Fridababy Baby Bath Silicone Brush

Best Baby Bath Silicone Brush by Fridababy



This is an item found in a baby hairbrush set appropriate for the little ones. It has a high quality due to the unique feature it possesses.

The silicone material is not prone to bacterial attack, and this provides safety to the baby’s head.

Amazon offers free shipping and packaging irrespective of the distance covered. The bristles provide a soothing feeling to their skin.

You cannot harm their skull using this brush, and hence it’s recommended for every mother.

It has a suction cup that will help to massage the baby during the time they are falling asleep.

It can be used by anybody in the household because the mother can use it for their baby’s hair. The growth of mildew is not possible because it’s made up of silicone.

The brush will not soak in water because the material is analogous to plastic. The offer includes a storage case that helps to incorporate other hair essentials.

It is decorative and comes in different colors, so the baby won’t resist brushing their hair. They are essential in rubbing off the cradle cap, and the baby will be generally clean.


The Pros

  • It flexible and can be used in all types of hair.
  • It saves money because the whole household can comfortably use it.
  • The baby won’t feel pain when you are scrubbing off the cradle cap.


The Cons

  • The bristles fall off when used on thick hair.
  • They are expensive compared to the other types of brushes.





#3. KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborn



This is a baby hairbrush set that is ordered online through the Amazon website. It’s made up of a wooden material that aids in its durability. This is due to the resistance to breakage, unlike the plastic ones.

The handle is gentle, and you will not get tired if held for a long time. The bristles are made up of goat’s fur that is gentle in removing the cradle cap.

The baby has a soft spot on their skull, which is sensitive to pressure, using this brush will protect any harm while combing the hair.

It can be used for massages on the head, which will cause a relaxing effect on the baby. It works perfectly if the hair is wet, so the perfect time to comb it will be during bath time.

The relaxing effect will help distribute blood to the nervous system making the baby calmer.

The components of the kit include a grooming set, a hairbrush, which are all wrapped up in beautiful packaging.

The products are perfect for gifting during baby showers or any other baby event.


The Pros

  • The overall set is luxurious, making the brushes worth every penny spend.
  • They are suitable for newborns because they will not react with the scalp.
  • They soothingly spread oil on the hair, making bath time a place to bond with your infant.


The Cons

  • They are expensive compared to other brushes that perform the same tasks.
  • The bristles come off after a short time messing up the whole place with goat’s fur.





#4. Royal Infants Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set

Wooden Best Baby Hair Brush Set with Natural Goat Hair Bristles



This is a robust set that is the best brush for black baby hair and curly ones. The material is made up of a high-quality wooden handle. This makes it suitable for infants because they can play with it.

The bristles are soft and gentle on the skin compared to the other brushes. Royal infants have designed their products to look attractive in the set.

The company donates its savings and money to kids with wretched medical illnesses. You are assured of a refund in case the product doesn’t fit your specifications.

You can order it through amazon’s website. They offer free shipping on the same and attractive packaging to every destination.

They come in different colors, making it easy to select the ones that match your kid’s set. The natural hair brush made from goat’s fur helps in blood circulation to the nervous system while massaging.

They remove the cradle cap on the skull with a slight application of pressure forming the best interactive time with your baby.

They are larger than the other wooden brushes hence fits well with different types of hair.


The Pros

  • The set rush comes with different shapes and can be used for a longer time as the baby is growing.
  • The best gift to use in gifting a new mother.
  • They are decorative, which makes it easy to use on a baby with a phobia while combing their hair.
  • The proceeds go to the charity funds, which is an excellent way of giving back.


The Cons

  • They are a bit stiff for soft and beautiful hair.
  • The bristle can come off after some time, and this is not healthy for an infant.





#5. Baby Disney Minnie Hair Brush and Wide Tooth Comb Set  

Disney Best Baby Minnie Hair Brush and Wide Tooth Comb



This is a brush for infants that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The attractive feature on the handle makes it easy to please the baby that has a phobia for their hair being combed.

It is appropriate for a baby girl’s hairbrush set because it will complement the other pink stuff in their room. The bristles are soft, and they will soothe the scalp enabling natural blood circulation.

It separates the wet hair and the dry ones because of its hooks used for detangling. Babies can use it because they come in small sizes and have fun with their dolls.

The comb set has an addition of Minnie mouse, making it exceptional in baby brushes. They are of high quality and do not break with ease, unlike other brushes. Their design is attractive and appropriate for gifting a new mother.

They can be ordered online through the Amazon website with free shipping and packaging.

The composition is of different types ranging from the long ones to the ones used for laying the edges.

You can conveniently rub off the cradle cap on their hair without worrying about scratching their head.


The Pros

  • The bristles are held firmly on the plates.
  • It has exceptionally high quality compared to the other brushes.
  • The child can use it for playful times because of their short handle.


The Cons

  • It doesn’t make sense when you buy the whole set of toddler hairbrush to use only one product.
  • It’s expensive compared to the other brushes because of the extra number of brushes.





To know more about other baby essential products review you can check our product review page.



#6. Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

Safety 1st Easy Grip Best Baby Brush and Comb



This is the best baby brush and comb set because the combination comes in different types. The handle makes it convenient to hold for a long time without tiring.

The bristles are soft and can be used to massage the scalp when the baby is almost falling asleep. This is important to enable adequate circulation of air in the head.

You can have the best memories by creating a strong bond with your infant while combing her hair. All types of hair, depending on thickness and length, can easily be appropriate to use this brush.

Both dry and wet hair can easily be combed, making it easy to use on all conditions for proper grooming. The combing is easy because of the sufficient grip on the smooth handles.

You can get this set of brushes by ordering on Amazon’s website as free shipping and packaging is offered. The colors vary, and you can select one depending on your preference.

The brushes are designed as kids friendly, making it easy to use on your kids. They have a high quality due to the elastic material on the surface.


The Pros

  • They are attractive because of the different colors they possess.
  • The brushes last longer and can be used as the kids grow until they become toddlers.


The Cons

  • They are expensive compared to their brushes counterparts.
  • They cannot be used on very thick hair because it is difficult to penetrate.





#7. Summer Infant Brush and Comb

Summer Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb



The features of this product are similar to those of a toothbrush. The bristles are soft, making it easy to soothe the baby’s scalp.  The ends of the bristles are appropriate for curly hair or the hard ones.

The handle is firm and not prone to breakage, making it penetrate in the healthy hair. Summer infant brush and comb come in a full set such that you can choose the one appropriate for your baby.

It has hooks for detangling to separate between the wet and dry hair. They have a high quality, and their durability is off the chain.

You can get this product from Amazon by ordering online through their website. It does not harm the delicate hair due to the smooth feature.

The bristles are firmly held and do not fall apart unless they improperly handled. The handle is a bit soft, and the infants can bite it off when they are teething.

They come in different colors, making them easy to select. To add an advantage to them, they offer transportation internationally and within the United States of America.

They are useful in eradicating the cradle caps after the application of minimum pressure.


The Pros  

  • They are cheaper to use and worth any penny.
  • You can use it on the baby’s sensitive skin because they have fewer side effects.
  • They have less irritability due to their spread edges.


The Cons

  • The bristles are a bit stiff and can scratch the skin for a baby when a lot of pressure is applied to them.
  • The bristles do not spread quickly, making it hard to maintain gentleness on the scalp.





#8. Ullabelle 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Ullabelle 4 Piece Wooden Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers



This is the best newborn hairbrush that is appropriate for the purpose of grooming them. The child’s skin is sensitive and requires a lot of care.

This brush is suitable because it provides a smooth surface and doesn’t get hard even with maximum pressure.

They can be used by both toddlers and newborns due to the standard quality they offer. They are free for bacterial attack and are certified human friendly.

Ullabelle brushes help to scrub off the cradle cap making it easy for the infants to be clean.

They come in four types offering varieties; hence they are worth any amount spend. You can be assured of free refunds from amazon and inexpensive shipping.

The extra silicone cradle cap is appropriate for a new mother with a phobia of hurting their baby by using a regular brush. They offer massage for the baby, ensuring proper blood circulation and a relaxing effect.

The brushes are made of goat’s hair, which is safe and unreactive to the baby’s skin. The packaging is attractive, making it ideal for a present to a new mother.


The Pros

  • They are cheap because the packaging comes in different varieties for around $25.
  • The interest is on customer satisfaction. Hence, the company makes sure that the right order is delivered to the consumer.


The Cons

  • One of the brushes is wooden, making it inconvenient for the skin of the young ones.
  • The bristles fall off the brush when used for a long time.           





#9. The OCCObaby Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set



This is the best baby brush and comb set for toddlers and infants. The bristles are used for massage, and their usability is easy. They are hypoallergic to the baby’s skin, which is sensitive to any reaction.

You can be sure that the brush will provide the best massage to soothe baby while falling asleep. You can bond effectively with your toddler, especially when you are combing their hair.

The quality is high, with a wooden handle that does not break easily with pressure application. You can scrub off the cradle cap on the sensitive skin of the baby.

They have an extra gift making it easy to enjoy the 3-piece package. When the products do not meet your standards, you can comfortably get a refund.

However, this does not always happen because of the high quality of the brushes.

They are durable, and you can use it on newborns until they grow up as adults. This makes it easy to save instead of continually buying extra brushes as the baby outgrows them.


The Pros

  • They are cheap compared to the other wooden brushes
  • The durability is high.


The Cons

  • The plastic bristles can harm the delicate skin of the young ones.
  • The edges are a bit hard in the beginning, making it strenuous to the scalp.





#10. Fephas Wooden Baby Goat Hair Brush Eco Friendly

Wooden Best Baby Goat Hair Brush Hairbrush for Newborn and Toddler



This brush is designed differently for both baby girls and baby boys. They have varieties making it easy to choose.

The durability is high, and the ability to clean the brush makes it suitable for all parents. You can be sure to gift your loved ones during their baby shower.

They scab off the cradle caps promoting the overall grooming of the baby. Their handle is wooden for secure grip making it easy to use on the infants.

They are friendly to the sensitive skin that kids possess because the material is from goats fur.

You are guaranteed a total compensation if the goods do not fit your specifications. They are ordered on the amazon app and come with a bonus.

They are not only used on kids but also on kitten’s hair. The silicone bonus is eco-friendly and doesn’t react with the atmosphere once disposed of.


The Pros

  • It’s easy to ship the brush because of the size and won’t take up a lot of space.
  • They are cheap and friendly to the environment.


The Cons

  • The bristles will come off, making it inappropriate when used by infants that will swallow the goat’s fur.
  • Not appropriate for the thick and robust hair types





The Bottom Line


You should choose a suitable brush suitable for your baby hair type to avoid using an ineffective one. You can ensure that the brush has an excellent feature for the infant’s skin.

This article has covered some of the best rushes for your baby and the advantages and disadvantages that make them useful. You can be sure that Amazon will deliver quality and reliable services.