6 Months Baby Food Recipes: 7 Best Baby Foods

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. Anne visited her friend, Elizabeth, who was a nursing mother at that time. They discussed a whole lot of things. It had been a while since they last discussed so, there was much to discuss and chat.

Being a first-time mother, Elizabeth brought up how worried she was about her six-month-old baby. She wanted to resume work as soon as possible, but it wasn’t going to be possible to work while nursing her baby since she was still breastfeeding at that time. So, she thought to get advice from her friend.

“Why not wean her? You won’t have to breastfeed anymore.” Anne suggested to her. It had been a year Anne also had her baby, and she weaned him when he was six months old.

This idea didn’t go down well with Elizabeth. She felt that her baby should be at least a year before she weans her, but Anne was of the contrary opinion that as long as a baby was already six months, there would be no issue with weaning. “I think that is the minimum requirement.

Remember, I also weaned David when he was just six months old.” Anne said. Elizabeth wasn’t sure it was right to wean her baby after six months, but she had no choice because sooner or later, she had to resume working.

“Weaning her is the best option. That way, your sister can help feed her with baby foods that are good for a six months baby. I can give some food suggestions that will help.” Anne suggested. Elizabeth still wasn’t convinced, but Anne kept assuring that it was not too early.

After thinking it through, she settled for the advice. It was her best option, and since it worked fine for Anne, she decided to go for it. Alongside the food suggestions her friend gave her, Elizabeth did her research and found out that there were indeed great food recipes for a six-month baby.

Are you a six-month-old baby mother trying to wean your child? Do you want to know the right food for your six-month-old baby, the recipes and how to make them? Then, you are in the right place, read on.

6 Months Old Baby Food Recipes 7 Best Baby Foods


 Best 6 Months Baby Food Recipes


Best 4 to 6 Months Baby Food Recipes

Being a nursing mother is not easy, and if you ask me, I would say it’s a job on its own. Has it been six months that you’ve been nursing or fully breastfeeding your baby and you want to wean him/her and start with some baby food?

It is going to give a little relief, if not a great one, to wean your baby. Weaning comes with a lot, and you have to know if it’s the right time and also the right food to give your baby. I would give you a detailed guide on this.

Here is a list of food that is good for a six-month-old baby, with recipes and how you can easily make them.


  1. Pea Baby Puree

Pea Baby Puree Food Recipe

This puree comes smooth when one makes it properly. It is one of the best baby food for your baby to try first after weaning. The preparation is not going to give you any hard time because it’s easy to prepare.

All you need are just two ingredients. Take note that pea is an excellent ingredient with a high nutritional value.

The pea skin may make your baby refuse this food. Don’t worry about that, all you need to is to strain/remove the skin as much as possible so you can get a very smooth puree. It would increase the reception from the baby. This puree is much better when made at home.


  • Pea: It contains fibre, protein, Vitamin A and C. Fibre aids in the easy digestion of foods. It also contains lutein and Zeaxanthin, which improves good eyesight. The fibre and protein help in controlling blood sugar level. It is also great at building a healthy immune system due to the antioxidants present in it.


  • Breast Milk: If you’re weaning your child, this will make it easier for your baby to adapt to taking food quickly. He/she will taste the breast milk in the puree. It will taste familiar, making it hard for the baby to refuse it. This is entirely optional; you may or may not use it.


Steps in Making Pea Puree

To make your Pea puree for about ten servings, you will need three cups of frozen peas and about half a cup of breastmilk.

  • Get a little water in your saucepan.
  • Allow it to boil.
  • Pour the peas, cover it and steam it.
  • Allow it to be softened and tender for about fifteen minutes.
  • Place the pea in a blender or food processor.
  • Add the breast milk.
  • Puree till the mixture is thick and smooth enough.
  • Try to sieve the mixture to remove any cluster in the mixture.
  • You can serve it right awa6or freeze to use later.



  1. Carrots Puree

carrot puree for baby

This is another excellent baby food that is naturally sweet, and trust that babies would love that. Carrots have natural sweetness, with a nice texture. It’s one of the best starters for weaning your child. The puree is smooth and quite creamy.

Once the puree has been made, it can be easily kept frozen. It is also not a food that takes forever before you finish cooking; it takes just about twenty minutes to make. Let’s get into the details of the recipe and how to make it.


  • Carrots: it is a low-calorie food that helps in weight loss. Intake of carrots is said to help in lowering cholesterol levels. It contains vitamin A which helps in giving healthy eyesight.


Steps in Making Carrots Puree
  • You may want to peel the carrots, or not.
  • Chop the carrots evenly.
  • Then add them to the food processor or blender.
  • Blend or puree till it is relatively even.
  • Serve immediately or freeze for later use.



  1. Baked Sweet Potato Puree

sweet potato puree for baby

This is another nutritious food for your six-month baby. You will agree you have to feed your baby with food that is packed with nutrients that help in bodybuilding.

Also, this can be another superb start for your baby. Just like the carrot puree, this will also interest a baby because of its naturally sweet taste.



  • Sweet Potato:

They can help immunity. It is said that it helps reduce the severity of a cold due to its vitamin C content. It also helps in good bone formation. It contains calcium, iron, phosphorus etc.

Fibre assists in improving the health of the heart by reduction of cholesterol level and aids in digestion, which is also contained in sweet potatoes. It consists of yet another nutritional element – Vitamin B6, that helps metabolism.

  • Mild Curry:

This is recipe is not entirely necessary; it is optional. You may or may not use it.


Steps in Making Baked Sweet Potato Puree
  • Wash the potatoes.
  • Dry the water off the potatoes.
  • Allow the potatoes to bake for about fifty to sixty minutes in the oven.
  • Once it is done, allow it cool down for some minutes.
  • After which you should peel the skin of the potatoes.
  • Put the potatoes in the food processor
  • You can add water or any liquid according to your preference.
  • You may add the mild curry at this point if you want to.
  • Puree for about two minutes till it is even.
  • You can serve immediately or freeze for later use.



  1. Basic Chicken Puree

basic chicken puree for babies

This is yet another nutrient-packed baby food. And yes! You can make it at home, just by yourself. It is quite easy to make, and it should not take you more than twenty to thirty minutes. It is protein-filled and undoubtedly good and nutritious for your baby. Let’s get into it.



  • Chicken (8-ounce, a boneless and skinless chicken breast)

Protein helps in bone health, and yes, meat contains protein. Chicken helps in building strong bones. Studies have shown that eating protein aids in the maintenance of bone mineral density.

  • Dried Parsley (one tablespoon)

Parsley is very rich in antioxidants which is beneficial to health. It helps reduce the damaging of cells and also reduce the risk of having some diseases.

  • Chicken stock low sodium (one cup)


Steps to Make Basic Chicken Puree

  • Boil the cubed chicken with the broth and parsley in an average or medium-sized saucepan, using medium heat.
  • Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer.
  • Put the chicken into the blender or the food processor.
  • Puree till it is even to your taste, adding in stock of a quarter cup if necessary.



  1. Banana Puree

banana puree for baby

This is another baby food that is full of nutrients. Not only do you not have to go through a lot to prepare this for your baby, but the process is also relatively easy, and it doesn’t take time.


  • Banana

This is a fruit that contains nutrients such as vitamin B6 which helps in the production of red blood cells, aids metabolism, and also helps in having a healthy nervous system. Also, vitamin C, which helps reduce the damage of cells and tissues in the body.

Banana contains sucrose, glucose and fructose, thereby providing energy that is very much free of fat and cholesterol.

  • Milk

You can add milk to this recipe, most especially if you’re just starting to wean your baby. Asides that, the milk will get to give the puree a creamy taste.


Steps in Making Banana Puree
  • Wash the bananas well.
  • Peel the banana and cut them.
  • Add the banana to a food processor or blender.
  • Add milk, if you want to.
  • Puree till its even as you desire.



  1. Baby Brown Rice Cereal

Baby Brown Rice Cereal

This is one of the most common baby food mothers introduce first to their babies. This is most likely because it is not allergenic, so it does not cause adverse reactions and babies can easily digest it.

A good thing here is that if you decide you to mix this with another pureed food, it is perfect.


  • Brown Rice

It consists of magnesium, at a high level which helps reduce the risk of having disease related to the heart and also stroke. Fibre, which is also contained in brown rice, helps in the risk reduction of having a heart disease.

Studies have shown that eating more of whole grain, which brown rice is included, reduces the risk of having heart disease by twenty-two per cent, and reduces the risk of an individual having a stroke by twelve per cent.

Brown rice makes one have a full stomach for a more extended period due to the dietary fibre it contains.


  • Water

This is undoubtedly an essential nutrient needed in everyday life.


Steps in Making Brown Rice Cereal
  • Add a ¼ cup of brown rice (uncooked) to the food processor.
  • Mill the brown rice till it is powder.
  • Pour the milled rice into a pot.
  • Add four cups of water.
  • Then boil.
  • Lower the heat and cover for about twenty minutes.
  • Check if it is as thin or thick as you want it.
  • You can serve immediately or refrigerate or freeze for a very much later use.



  1. Green Beans and Basil Baby Food Puree

Green Beans and Basil Baby Food Puree

This is another great first food for your baby. It is full of nutrients. It is very much easy to make at home. It is also creamy and smooth; just the way babies would love it.


  • Green Beans (1 Pound)

Green beans provide many essential nutrients for the human body. Many studies showed that when an individual takes green beans, it helps in reducing the risk of having some adverse health conditions like heart disease, obesity, etc. It also aids healthy bone development, which is due to the presence of vitamin K.

  • Basil (One Tablespoon)

Basil is an excellent antioxidant and also full of polyphenolic flavonoids which helps in the risk reduction of having either heart attack or stroke. It contains vitamin A for excellent and healthy eyesight. The presence of magnesium in basil helps the body in aiding blood flow.


Steps to Make Green Beans and Basil Baby Food Puree
  • Trim the green beans.
  • Pour two cups of water into a medium-sized saucepan.
  • Boil with medium heat.
  • Put the green beans and the basil inside a steamer basket and place it over the boiling water.
  • Cover it and allow it to cook till it reaches a stage where the beans are tender.
  • Puree for about two minutes or till you reach the desired smoothness.
  • Add liquid to it till it gets to a level of consistency you desire, if necessary.





how to stop breastfeeding

According to The World Health Organization, a mother should exclusively breastfeed her baby for at least six months. After this time, you can go on to introduce some appropriate food while still breastfeeding. This means that you must breastfeed your baby for at least for six months before weaning.

Though, some babies may or may not be ready by then; when to exactly stop breastfeeding is quite to be decided by the baby and the mother. You can decide to go on up to a year or two.

Breast milk contains everything a baby needs nutritionally for the first six months. The first six months should be exclusively for breastfeeding, while afterwards, you can supplement till you stop.




baby solid food guide

If you are wondering how to know when your baby is ready to take solids, then this is for you. Your baby will give some green light, that he/she is prepared to handle solids. All you just need is to be sensitive and know when the right time is.


Here are some signals you may get from your baby showing that he or she is ready:

  • Your baby would show some interest in what you are eating. He or she may look at you when eating, and possibly reach you to give him or her.
  • If your baby can sit up quite well with little or no support, then this is a good sign for weaning
  • Unlike before, your baby would be able to eat solids without it being pushed out from his/her mouth.
  • Your child would be able to receive food proposals and willing to eat.





Feeding your baby for the first time might be quite the hassle. You should most importantly take it easy with your baby. Changing his or her intake should not be instant.

The food you’ll feed your baby is just going to be a complement for breastfeeding and not an immediate replacement. When you’re giving him food for starters, say puree, you can add milk to them.

This will provide a familiar taste to what he or she has been feeding on before. This will help the baby to adapt to eating food and not wholly taking breastmilk quickly. I also believe this will prepare the baby to eat.




Solid food for babies

Are you wondering how much solid you can feed your six months old baby? I know you’re just starting and you would not want to do too much or probably less also.

How many times a day should you feed solids to a six-month-old baby? You should be good to go with half a cup of soft food for about two to three times a day. That’s averagely how much solids you should go for your baby.

Babies can eat anything except honey which you should not give them until they are a year old. You can check any of the recipes above to make your baby some food.

As you give your baby more solid food, you should also endeavour to continue to provide her with the same amount of breastmilk.





You are probably wondering if it is proper to give your baby finger foods at all, even if he is with no teeth. Yes, it is suitable for a baby, as long the finger food is adequately prepared like purees too.

The most important thing is that finger food should be soft enough to be squashed easily in between the two fingers. You know, this equally means it is very much okay for a baby to eat them.

It is an excellent chance for your baby to practice motor skills, but if your baby refuses them, it’s all right. You don’t have to keep offering them to him/her. You should know your baby well, likes and dislikes.


Here are some practices you could try at home
  1. Toast dipped in a soft, boiled egg

It is well known that eggs are one of the most nutritional food. It contains protein, fat, vitamins, etc. Few babies don’t like the way omelettes are, but this is worth the try.

  1. Cut a soft fruit into disc’s or wedges

This could be small fruits like ripe mangoes, kiwi, papaya etc. It is important that the fruit is very soft, remember this is for a baby. So, it should be very soft for a baby to consume. You can examine how soft the fruit is, with your finger.

  1. Bananas are so easy to eat, and they are soft, especially when ripe. Wash the bananas, cut them into little wedges- a size that can allow a baby to be able to feed himself or herself.


Final Words

Hey, moms, it’s a great thing to be a mother. As much as it is a tedious job, there is a kind of joy that springs forth being with your child. Have more of that.

I hope you have been able to decide one or more of the foods to start with for your 6-month bundle of joy. Take your pick from the above and help your baby grow into a beautiful and healthy person.